Vientiane, Laos

Had the opportunity to see Vientiane in less than 12 hour last month when I attended my cousin’s wedding at Nong Khai, which is a border town to Laos.

The host kindly organized a tour for almost 30 friends and relatives to cross the border over the Friendship Bridge. It was interesting to see how similar yet there are subtle differences in these Southeastern Asia countries. Also, how they adapt to it like pouring water into various glasses. The driver of the shuttle bus drove so smoothly that most of us don’t realize that the Thai drives on the left while Laos drives on the right.

First stop, the Presidential Palace.

apple4today Laos

On the opposite end of the long road, Lane Xang Avenue, is a structure that reminds me of Arc de Triomphe. It is in fact called Patuxai or Gate of Triumph, built in similar in style to the Arc de Triomphe! Same same but different ya.

apple4today Laos

View from the top. That’s the palace again at the end of the avenue.

apple4today Laos

With CousinTing. We only had 20 minutes to explore the monument.

apple4today Laos

It was indeed a scorching HOT day. Turns out its was around 39c. No wonder we were all baked. But then again, it is during these kind of day where the photos turn out so good.

This is Pha That Luang. This again, looks very similar to the golden pagoda of Myanmar but I believe in a smaller scale. Perhaps I will be able to compare it myself one day. However, this pagoda to me is an impressive structure.

apple4today Laos

Great minds think alike! We were all dressed so alike on that day. Cool kids gang yo.

apple4today Laos
apple4today Laos

Vientiane in a nutshell. Very obvious strong influence from the French as most of the official buildings secondary language are all written in French. Banh Mi which are baguette are their street food, just like Vietnam. Being there for such a short time feels like a preview of what’s its like. The main street are filled with small hipsters cafe. French cafes.  I saw a few groups of bicycle tours. There’s plenty of Koreans. Everywhere. So yea, it seems like a great destination for a short getaway from the hectic life I’m living right now. I’m sure there are more to what I’ve described, so it’s just a matter of time and effort before I know for sure :)

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Color Run 2015

I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect the wordpress app from my phone so I can at least upload the photos faster. So finally had some time to do it and ta-da! Anyway, it’s quite a buggy app that sometime just refuse to work.

Last weekend was another eventful one! Went for another version of color run with my lovelies. Seems like there’s a color run every other month ever since the first one last year. Anyway, don’t think this is under the real franchise. Not as well organized but we had fun nonetheless.

All clean and proper 6am. Sleepy and hungry though. Not gonna lie, it’s tough waking up that early to run -_-


We were walking 90% of the time, being the nanny crew to the little princess. Plenty of folks took photos of/with her and one kind auntie even gave her RM2o -__- The 10% of running was when the little princess suddenly “naik form” and started running so we all went chasing after her.

IMG_1356.JPG   IMG_1359.JPG IMG_1321-0.JPG

At the end of the race course! All covered with color and the little one fell asleep hahaha


I think we all came out of the race cleaner than last year! :) Found this photo as comparison and indeed, we were more “into” the colors. It’s as though we were dipped in dye.



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Langkawi Outtakes


How long has it been since I’ve step foot on the Island of Myth? The first 2 companies I was with, I just missed out on some company trip. And now, I’m blessed with a company retreat. Third time’s the charm. A retreat as it was nothing but pure relaxation and bonding with colleagues. People that we brush shoulders with daily, yet know so little.

We were welcomed by this beautiful rainbow in the sky that lasted long enough for me to put down my book, fumbled in my bag to get my phone, and snapped this photo to share now.


Have a day in the sun. Fun, and some.


Sand, sea and the sun which is none.

Dinner and drinks at Bonton.


Sleep.Eat.Drink. Swim.Repeat.

When in the land of duty-free, when we live in land of taxes all the the time.

Drinks, drank, and not drunk. :) Teacher’s whisky. Aptly name if you ask me. It paves way and oils the conversation wheel and that’s when you learn about people, about topics out of your league. Making the shy vocal, making the vocal…persistent?


I immediately regret my decision as its filled with dust and god knows what..

Is this a punishment to us for having too much fun? Going in laps under the hot sun at 2pm? Or is this a test on the inner kiasu-ness that we all have in ourself? Or is this merely an event to show others how much balls you have manoeuvring the bends like F1 drivers?

Despite going 50 shades darker, I really had fun. It wasn’t as bad as I’ve expected.


Purple candy floss clouds sending us off, back to the rat race.


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Today I took a “break” from work. I decided to go back to Penang for a slightly longer weekend this time after being so hectic with work. 

Many assumed I’m taking a flight home and was surprised when i replied “I’m taking the bus”. Perhaps at this age of time where everyone can fly and time = money, it took them by surprise why did I chose the long way home. We expect everything to be fast, quick and instant. 

Well, why not? 

By taking the bus, it gave me the solitude that I needed. It forced me to take a breather or a nap along the way haha. Just doing very minimal for a few hours. “Can’t you do the same at home?” I don’t think so, as there’s too much going on, too many distractions. Laundry, Internet, TV, and ultimately the car to go somewhere haha. 

Being on the bus takes me away from the “busy-ness in life” which is why it’s my favorite reading time. I miss reading and simply seems to fail doing it at home. Being on the bus gave me the few quiet hours to read whatever I want. 

And with whatever time I have left, here I am blogging my random train of thoughts :) 

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Of Recent

It had certainly been a while since I’ve logged on to the blog -_- Seems like as I grow older, the blogging days are drifting further and further away from me. What’s with our human attention span dropping to an average of 8 seconds, instagram had took over as the new blog, while blog are in the same categories as diaries.

These past few months, work had been piling on like mad. It didn’t help (or it did?) when I was unintentionally involved in a major project and sees it through deployment. Those were the days. Where I was doing UAT and having  back to back meetings and late nights. Crazy as it seems, stressful as it sounds, I actually like the intensity of such work environment. Perhaps I am addicted to the feeling when you see the numbers of defects decreasing at the end of each working day. To be able to witness the goodness in people from my team. The sense of achievement when the project finally get off from the ground, to the symphony of caffeine-induced applauses and high-fives in a room usually full of people, plus on loud speakers usually at the break of dawn…


Said project took off just like the hot air balloon (took this at the 2015 festival) and I’m tying up all the loose ends before another tidal wave hits me forecast by mid-April 12187274364_94bedc6a13_t Anyway, today a colleague of mine did a very sweet and meaningful thing on her own initiatives for me.I felt really shocked, grateful and appreciated by her simple gestures. Because of people like her, it made dealing with all the shits worth it sometimes.

IMG_3780 - Copy

On an unrelated note, most probably due to the stress from the project, I just felt that I need a haircut. And this is the shortest hair I’ve had since +-10 years -_-  Eyebags complimentary from work. I wish I can achieve the poofy bob hair on a daily basis but unfortunately its not happening 12187274364_94bedc6a13_t

My current social media feeds are filled with either Sakura from Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul or Jeju! Makes me miss those place so much. I’m going insane with wanderlust of recent.

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