2014 in a glance

How time flies!  I mean to complete a post by January and we are already entering the second of the year. Do allow me to quickly recapped, whatever that I can remember.

In terms of weddings, the year started off and ended with the weddings of two of my closest couple friend. In between, I’ve attended countless other, almost one for every month of the year.



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It’s Okay, That’s Love 괜찮아, 사랑이야

괜찮아, 사랑이야

Cant’s quite believe that my first post for 2015 will be of a Korean drama surprised

Anyway, apart from watching drama with whatever little time I have, I have been well, living life and working. Raye had been heavily pushing me and K to watch this drama ever since it aired last year but we never got around it. Up till 2 weekends ago, K and I decided to give it a go, watching the first episode on a fine Sunday afternoon and there’s no looking back. Lol~

It’s Okay, That’s Love 괜찮아, 사랑이야, is probably the 4th or 5th korean drama that I’ve watch from start to end. It’s an adult romantic comedy minus the clichés and cheesiness that usually comes with Kdrama. That’s why I love it! No high school romance. Plus, the on-screen chemistry between the two leads are really something. Be it bickering like sworn enemies or in all seriousness when dealing with emotional issues. So believable and natural compared to the other dramas I’ve watched inclusive of Chinese ones. All the emotions are delivered damn well and the whole show is balanced with Kwang Soo comedic act.

After the drama ended, I was in my obsession moods and decided to find out more on this drama. No surprise to learn that the leads won Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Couple, Best Kiss from last year ceremonies. Kwang Soo even won the Male Excellence Award. Well deserved!

K was here in KL last weekend and prior to that, we already agreed to watch the episodes at the same time so we are on the same one when he’s here. Our marathon starts the moment he arrived hehee.. Anyway enough gushing over this drama.

Favorite song from the OST. Very jiwang type.

The title of the show is straight forward just like the show. You may do something beyond believable or against the wishes of society for someone but it’s actually okay, because that’s love. In the show, it doesn’t only address the love of the mismatch couple, but of parents, among sibling and also friends.

Because sometimes at the end of the day, you just have to think to yourself that It’s Ok, That’s Love heart


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T’was a good day!

From the previous post, I mentioned that it’s one hella crazy hectic life here in KL. However, for the past few days, I finally had some of my life back!

Food truck business seems to be getting quite popular these days in KL. One in particular that serves taco caught our eyes. Sometime last week, CousinTing and I managed to track down this food truck. This was probably our fourth attempt to try out the taco as timing or weather was always not right.

We got there at 745pm and to our surprise, there’s already a queue forming towards the truck. People was just waiting around as the folks are still prepping the food.

Fish taco, Chicken taco, Churros and a chicken cemita sandwich thingie. SO yummy! Too bad we packed ours and ate it at home. I bet it will taste much better on the spot. We saw some guys having at least 3 servings each! Ooh well, next time!


And then the blessing continues on till the following day.

For the longest time ever, I had my first normal kopitiam chicken rice lunch ever since I started working in KL. That’s about 5 months lonnng. Little things like this that everyone just take for granted, especially me back in Penang. Somehow, my superior decided to drive us out for lunch, also a first in 5 months time. Dah lah, my office is located in this atas place with no cheap lunch, our crazy work schedule and KL traffic does not allow us to drive out for lunch :(

IMG_1878 IMG_1879


Good old char siew and chicken rice and also my “teh peng”

For my colleague who previously worked in Australia since half a decade ago,  it was her first kopitiam lunch for more than half a decade. Let me tell you how great the day was when we both manage to clock out of the office by 630pm, in time for a pint during happy hour. Followed by dinner and desserts with my friends in Publika.

Was really a great one. Which dont come by often, so I was really grateful for that day! :)

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29th Oct 2014

No idea what to title this post. So why not just do it the old school diary style? :)

It is definitely not my intention at all to leave this blog unattended for this long. Called it excuse or whatever, I’ve been really busy ever since I moved to KL for my new job almost 4 months ago. Strictly speaking, it’s no longer new since I’m confirmed and all that baloon

So how’s thing? Life has been very busy, that most of the time I lost track of things. I wrap things up in the office on an average at 8pm? So when I have some free time, I will use it well. How so? By watching some no brainer korean variety show lol ~  Why not? It help me with my Korean and I enjoy watching variety show so much more than drama. There was many times where I really want to blog about the happenings of my life but usually to do a proper blog with photos and all, it takes me a couple of hours and honestly, I dont have that much of time :(

Looking at my calender now, I’m pretty much packed till year end. Today I spent almost 8 hours working straight at my client’s place, still tapping away on my laptop at lunch, stopping for short few minutes to shovel food into my mouth with eyes still glued to my screen. And now its 1122pm and I just wrap things up. Sounds crazy but I kinda love working in such environment. Fast pace, no space to slack off nor have mercy on anyone. I’m on one of the biggest things of the year after all. If and when everything are signed off, I will be so happpppeeeeeeee… Hopefully then I will be able to write more.

Anyway, it feels good to write something once in a while so this may just be a space for me to type incoherent thoughts.

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Thai Boat Noodles in Penang

Usually when Boat Noodle are mentioned especially in KL, it will remind you of the long queues, bite size noodles and bowl stacking just like this


I personally had queued for more than an hour to have a taste of it at the Empire Damansara outlet and truthfully, it’s nice but not worth the long queue at all.

When I was back in Penang last weekend, I dropped by CF Food Court along Weld Quay to try out this version of Thai Boat Noodles that I heard about.


Left: Pork
Right: Chicken

Both K and I agree that the chicken version was much tastier and I can still remember how soft and tender the drumstick meat are that they literally just fall off the bone. The pork was as good, just the chicken one was much better!


For RM6.50 per bowl, I got a whole drumstick plus some more, 3 fish balls and loads of noodles, I think it’s a great deal. Versus, the bite size version of RM1.90 per bowl and for me, I need an average of 6 bowls to be full. Plus, they have some awesome kopi-peng.

Give it a try if you are in Penang or craving to try the boat noodle. They have good Chinese dumplings and tom-yam maggie too. I’m quite a fan of this food court prior to this and I think the opening of this stall just solidified my fondness towards it.

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