HK Boy Cart Noodles @ Pavilion KL

I work quite close to Pavilion so it’s natural that I tend to hang out at the mall after work especially on rainy days for meals.

Stumbled upon this new noodle place yesterday which is located at the basement, opposite Go Noodle house and it’s packed to the brim.

Looks interesting so we decided to give it a shot as I was craving for pasta and soupy dish at the same time.

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Little Rara

Little Rara is probably my go-to place for my Thai food fix in KL city. So near my office and serves kick ass tomyam noodle, the instant noodle type, which is my favorite!

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I closed my 2016 post with “2017 will be another challenging year”.
Indeed it was.

I do not even know where to start.
Eventful, emotional, tearful, exhilarating, unexpected, life changing.

Most of the time feeling like this. Struggling. with. everything.

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Weekend in Malacca

It has been 7 years since I last step into Malacca.

Prior to that, due to work, I will be in Malacca every single month for a week. First impression driving in, there’s so much development!

1. SamFu restaurant

Looks very fancy compared to other Nyonya restaurant. Highly recommended by my Malacca friend. We were the 3rd customers that got there and it’s already full from all the reservations. Thankfully, they gave us a small table but had a time limit with it

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my Toast n Roast @ Chow Yang

Last night CousinTing mentioned Toast n Roast in the chatroom, thus sparking the greediness in all of us. There was one weekend when I was driving around ChowYang and saw that they have a new shop here.

I used to stay in a condo next to the original place and before it was famous, it used to be my Sunday brunch place.

So here we are today!

While the lady boss was taking our orders, I casually asked if this is their 2nd branch. She said that no, they moved here and the old location are now being run by different folks.

The Hakka Noodle with the infamous CharSiew (RM8.50). It’s so bad for you but it taste so good~! Had been a couple of months now since I had it and I question myself what took me so long to come back with every bite. So on point, every time.

The SiewYoke quite awesome too. Crunchy and salty but I think not soft/tender enough. But I’m more of a CharSiew person compared to SiewYoke to be frank. So point me to all the aweseom CharSiew that you know of!

I usually cannot resist a fried wanton or suikow. This is a must side dish for me. Filling stuffed to the max.

Yummy Rating: 
Waze: my Toast n Roast
Parking: Good luck.
Business Hours: 10am -8.30pm

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