♥ happy 420

The day was finally here last Monday and gone so fast.Need not a genius to weight the 2 opportunities out actually. Once the offer was in, I guess that pulled the plug.

I felt released and so glad that I took the plunge. However, pros and cons. Going back to the Harry Potter-ish room is saddening. So many things I will certainly miss which i will/might list out in near future blog.

#15 Watched one of the best movie ever in my opinion. I love Daniel Wu so much now. The character the played more I supposed. My friends say Im addicted to him -___-  Oh well, maybe I am, just a little bit hahahah! Raised much friendly debate among friend hoho

#16 was in Melaka for almost the entire week. Stayed at 2 of the best hotel available but spend less than 15hrs combined in both of the lovely rooms. T____T

#17 my week was filled with excitement and also Snowflakes!!

Current blog addiction – Bluebird

I don’t know why but to me, the blog like the above, taza-and-husband, cherry blossom girls, are perfect!! the photos and the entire composition. How stylist  these people can be while living a life like any of us. Don’t you think the photos that the people take and post are magazine worthy yet they are just normal peeps like us… -__- addicted to creative and quirky ppl!!
Maybe im really that useles. Hmmm

Have a nice weekend!! ♥♥

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