100th Entry and still counting….

Yes! This is the 100th entry for my blog with blogspot. I want to thank my mama, my papa, my dog, my camera and everyone that has been visiting my blog since day one. Thank you even if this is the first time you saw this tiny space in the world wide web. I really appreciate those comments that had been left on my blog, sometimes that is what kepts me from stopping. I will continue on to blog to kept insanity at bay!

My last dinner in Penang was a scrumptuos one!! Ordered all that i like!! Terima Kasih to my aunt from Indo for visiting, if not for you, i dont get to eat so many dishes before i leave the island of food. wAhahaha … I don’t get to eat like this when i’m in kl..*sob sob*
Last night was a sleepless night for me, I’m always a heavy thinker before sleeping that’s why i look like a panda all the time. This morning i left penang a very unhappy person. Not because i miss it so blardy much(sure miss wan mar), it’s because i had a row with my stupid sister( yes, i know she will read this and i might die bloggin this, so i leave all my assets to my dog, jaz)

I don’t know why she has to always make my departure from penang an unpleasant one. 9/10 times i will leave penang with a grudge! I think she enjoy seeing me suffer. She has always been this fear in my life. Yes, my sister is my fear, not that i dont sayang her, i do, just most of the time i dont hahaha. So many times she made me cry in public. i know it’s so damn embarrassing but i just dont know why everytime she jeered or teased or scold me, i will 80% end up in tears*covers face*ONLY from her. I just can’t seem to control my tear glands, it’s ridiculous i know, sometimes im even laughing at the same crying. I dont know what the fuck is wrong wit me!!! From other tom, dick or harry, i don even give a fuck or i’ll just give them a piece of my mine. I think im phobia of her. i must get away from her. She makes me look like a problem child in my family when i’m obviously not. Why must she always make me look so bad infront of anyone?Why must you act like you so damn superior? WHY???? You are just born few years earlier than me!Try putting yourself in my shoes and think back.I tahan you alot d ok..

I’ll probably spend my whole life fearing her..with occasionally outburst that will have everyone pointing fingers at me again.

I feel so bad that my mom always got caught in between the fight. Sorry Mom.

So is this how my 100th post gonna be? With me coming out of my closet bout my sister? Well, this is my really how i felt today. No mood to talk about other stuff.

KL so jam today! Plus, they closed some roads leading to my house today, and im not familiar with other routes. So at 1 point, we got so lost that we dont even know we are heading towards Genting o_O

Tomorrow is my first lecture of my final year in KL. I feel like a kid going to school on the first day. Brain dead after 3 months of letting it rust.

What a meaningful 100th entry.. at least i can look back someday and compare the situation in the future…hehehe…

What lies beyond tomorrow for me?

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4 Responses to 100th Entry and still counting….

  1. fishtail says:

    Wah, 100th entry, congrats! First day of lecture in final year? Wow, must be a good feeling!

  2. Jason says:

    aiseh, 100th entry!
    where did u have your last meal in Penang. Looks yummy! Hahaha. My turn to go back and enjoy….lol

  3. Eve says:

    fishtail: Thanks! It’s like achieving something great in my life. ahhaa

    jason: At Soonlye, u know where khorjay stays? Near there lo…nice and cheap.

  4. Jason says:

    OOOHHH….no wonder that tauhoo looks familiar, hahaha. I stay nearby also =)

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