2 more day to my favorite Month – November

and let’s get the party started~!

October as usual as has been quite hectic. Work is more like going to a madhouse daily. Don’t know why some people just like to be sly at work.

These people are your 2nd family. You see and work together sometimes more than your own family, so why make life miserable for everyone? I always believe that in the work place, we all should work together not against each other, at least not within the same group. But of course, I’ll be too naive to expect will ever happen seamlessly in the rat race.

On the bright side, today could have easily be the happiest day any fan-girl could ever have some their favorite musician. ^_^

Always look on the bright side of life, the sunny beaches awaits me !

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  1. Mr Huhu says:

    good luck in bali

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