2014 in a glance

How time flies!  I mean to complete a post by January and we are already entering the second of the year. Do allow me to quickly recapped, whatever that I can remember.

In terms of weddings, the year started off and ended with the weddings of two of my closest couple friend. In between, I’ve attended countless other, almost one for every month of the year.



My first Chinese New Year with my cute nephew. He’s growing up fast, with a feisty personality. No longer the derpy baby in this photo.


Last year, Marvel entered his first show. This year, Marvel completed his championship and I’m super happy with our achievement. He’s such a sweetheart and lovely little boy. Completely different from his big sister, Jazz Lee (the silky terrier). He’s a joy to be around, bursting with love and trust for anyone.


Health wasn’t so great. I was hospitalized for the first time due to dengue for a good, long 9 days -_-

First “concert” of the year was Leessang showcase. It was surprisingly nice and they sang quite a number of songs albeit held at a “weird” venue that comes with a very nice night view. I’m a fan of RunningMan for a number of years now, so being able to watch Gary performed live was kinda surreal 🙂


David Tao finally held a concert in Malaysia last year and I managed to attend ! I’ve been waiting for his return for YEARS and it’s like a dream came true for me to finally watch him performed live. It’s obvious that his crowd are those that grew old with him and it was more like a sing-along- concert kinda feel. No unnecessary high pitch screaming there. With this, my check-list for Chinese singers are now completed. Lee Hom, Jay Chao, David Tao, Eason Chen, Jacky Cheung, Amei. Done !! 😀


The only run I participated in 2014, The Color Run Malaysia! Super fun!

10499467_10152287954782894_6127437708695070706_o IMG_0524

I was a dinosaur for Halloween this year.


Didn’t manage to travel as much as I would have hope for, but it was all good. K and I went to South Korea for a long trip and I officially fall more in love with it. Still plenty of unfinished blog on Korea 🙁


It’s was a family affair for our trip to Jakarta. Wonderful time to gather with all my family from all over the place in a single destination. Usually we are scattered around the world but talk to each other every single day through whatsapp.


It was a slow first half of the year for me, no doubt. But from July onwards, I was super swamped with everything and the year flew by in what felt like a second to me. I took a job in KL which means putting K and I in yet another LDR. Blog was abandoned, most goals are shelved. It’s just work, work, work and more work. Apart from work, it was the travelling (PG-KL), house renovation and furnishing that took what little time I’m left with. There was much uncertainty and much getting used to all the whirlwind that’s constantly surrounding my life.

With all that done and dusted, I really do hope 2015 will be a better year for myself and everyone else. A year where I can be more focused and grounded. A year to grow up and be more matured. A small part of me hope that there will be not much of a changes to my current state. I’m really tired of changes, being in different places and roles for the past few years. But one thing I learn from my job is that the only constant in life is change. Instead of resisting it, lets embrace it with positivity.

2014 had been such a sad year with much unexplainable and shocking tragedies. However, I’m still grateful for all the good things that happened(as mentioned above) and I’m still surrounded with strong family and great friends. Kicking off the year with these great people is definitely a sure sign that life can only get better.


Embracing life with positivity is what K constantly reminds me of and I shall try to practice it this year.

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