2016 Day 52

First post of the day started when Chinese New Year ends 🙁 That’s my second favorite season of the year after Christmas.

Where everyone gather and stuff ourselves silly and just be merry. Hopefully earning some extra pocket money along the way.

First Day of the year with K and the doggies.

My dysfunctional family which makes it unique and awesome

The annual gathering on the 3rd day of CNY with friends since high school. We go way back. Even before the birth of this blog. Its truly precious to me that we try our best to make it the gathering albeit everyone getting busier and busier as we grow older. Now that 10 years have passed, we have new faces like babies and partners.

With those that are already now based in KL

Meeting up with these lovelies. Used to hang out with them all the time in Penang. Now in KL i only hang out on my couch or work desk mostly *Sad

My awesome colleagues which making life at work a little brighter and the walk to the office lighter.

My last year on the receiving end.

So much to story about. So much to look forward towards to in year 2016.

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  1. The Nonya says:

    Looks like an epic CNY & love all the pics 🙂 Have a very blessed year of the Monkey!

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