I’m gonna paste the whole post of buaya blogpost on the petrol here.

As always, kokokrunch writes very political post which is impossible for me to churn out. It’s a damn long one, but surely worth reading.

From Whatablog!!!, the person that think he is more handsome than Beckham (always living in denial, haix)


Magic number for this saturday’s Magnum, Kuda and Toto. 0270.

Increased 73 cents.


In Malaysia i go around with my ex5. Used to be RM3.50 to full tank when i started in Form 3.

Then, it became RM4.00…RM4.50….

Now i think at least RM8.50

What else can u say about PM Abdullah?

My Facebook Wall for Mr Abdullah:

You see Mr Abdullah… everyone has a role to play in this world.

Some, small potato like penjual kacangs have got their role, albeit how small it is.

But you…are different, your role is big, bigger than your head.

You are the great, excellency, beloved, well respected PM. Your ass is highly soughted after for ass kisser. Your suggestions, actions and anything you do and say, will get yes’es from entire cabinet, and BN leaders (for Gerakan and MIC leaders)of course.

If you were to perform in brand new Malaysia Got Talents programme, I am sure all 3 judges will give u 3 yes’es, en route performing for the King in the Agong’s Variety Show, and u dun have to dance like George or sing like Paul.

You need to do something more than just increasing the cost of petroleum to astonishing RM2.70.

But, you blamed the global petrol price. Fair enough.

Hey, we paid for your super yatch in Turkey so that you will look after us. If there is an increase of cost in petroleum, let say Petronas didnt earn enough money to cover for our subsidy, and the increase of petroleum is inevitable; offer us solutions! alternatives!

I am not asking your multimillion flop of the Biotechnology Corporation which you launched not long after becoming PM and you chaired the board of panel, to produce alternative source of energy, like Abdulleum. Not something that brilliant.

First and foremost; offer us public transport. Like what you always like to say, petroleum in Singapore is more expensive. UK also even worst, around 1.10 – 1.30 pds per litre, so expensive.But my esteemable PM, they have some of the best public transport services in the world. No matter how expensive is the petroleum, that is not their main concern.

You conveniently increase the price of petroleum, but bus, train, lrt service still maintain their ineffectiveness and insignificant performance.

I say you din make enough effort to revamp the transportation system.

Call up Mr Ong Tee Keat.

Tell him, I am giving you 100 billion. DO whatever you wanna do. I dunwan to see Ling Liong
Sik’s Emrail Corp makan duit again. I dont want to see Malaysian Government paying a few hundreds million to Hicom coz some ppl makan duit somewhere in that long red tape of process.
I want to see results.

I want to see the ppl to travel around in public transports, not because of the uncountable number of tolls, not because of jam, not because of petroleum price, but because public transports are effective, they are punctual, the service is good.

I want you to connect the east coast with railways. Improve the rail services in west coast. They are taking too long to evolve. Why we have KLIA Express travelling at the speed 160 km/hr, a symbol of modern Malaysia, while our KTM intercity is travelling at a snail speed of 80km/hr. The electrification and double rail tracking of the entire KTM intercity lines need to be done now, and NOW.

Thats the way you need to go if you want to increase petroleum price, my beloved PM. You have a problem. You didnt solve it. You passed it down to us, the rakyat.

Now Mr PM, just sit and wait for more memorandums from all kinds of trader societies and associations. Bus companies, lorry operators, etc etc, semua will come to you and asking you for the permission to increase the price.

You will have to say yes, coz you passed the problem to them earlier, and they will have no choice but to throw it back to you, and you will have to throw it back to us, the rakyat, yet again.

And then trade unions will come to you, asking you to increase wages. And you will then say no, coz that would be a problem to you, coz Petronas is not earning enough for the country. So, yet again, you will have to throw back the problem to us, the rakyat.

Just one last question Mr PM,

Are the cabinet ministers still having the RM 100 petroleum allowance a day as long as you can find Shell? Or you increase it to RM200 today?

I love Malaysia more than anyone else that I know, I can assure you that.

But I believed with this kind of administration, more and more will hope their house happened to be in that tiny Pulau Batu Puteh.

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  1. khengsiong says:

    Mr PM wants to punish the people in Kedah/Penang/Perak/Selangor/KL, so don’t expect he will pour money to improve public transport.

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