Nothing is constant but change

Nothing is constant but change.

This quote is constantly in my head since 2 years ago and the truth in it just become much more solid when I took on my current job, dealing with changes and making changes. Everything change, technology changes every other day. People change…

Key to survival is being flexible enough  in adapting to these changes. Otherwise, you will only be obsolete, a thing in a past, a piece in the puzzle that just wouldn’t fit. You will be left behind and slowly forgotten.

I’ve been in such melancholy mood for awhile now. Maybe it’s because another birthday is approaching. Maybe it’s what my friends are calling the “quarter-life” crisis, but I’m no longer at the quarter life age anymore. Then again, maybe because I realize it now as for past the few years my life remains unchanged and stagnant. Mundane..

Older doesn’t automatically make us any wiser. To those who refuse to learn from mistake, even if you are 100 years old, you remain the same ol person that stop growing up.

For my birthday, I hope for a change. For my birthday, I hope to be wiser. Be it a blessing or lesson, I shall learn.

Most of all, for my birthday, I hope to learn to be happy with smallest of things.

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