The thought of just closing down this space has floated by many times. It used to be a place for me to rant but then as I grew older, there’s much things better left unsaid in the www.

Truth is, I don’t think much people read this blog anyway. Most of my friends don’t L It’s not really their interest to read so that makes me ponder the purpose of the blog.

I am a blogger that is neither here nor there. I am not those sweet young things that can post tons and tons of selfies photos on their blogs and get few thousand viewers per day. Well, of course I can but I am quite a self-conscious person to begin with and we have instagram for that, so yea…

Maybe I can blog about my top 3 obsessions more ?
I blog about travel but do not have the financial capability to have a jet-setter lifestyle.  – hence not interesting
I blog about food but not enough as a niche  – hence not interesting
Or I can blog about all the handbags that I love but I don’t have an impressive collection at all – hence not interesting.  At least that the reason I read some blogs, I ogle at their handbags collection…

There were days that I couldn’t be bothered to write about all the travel post that I did as it really takes up hours to sieve through the hundreds of photos and no one reads them except internet crawlers.

But hey, these crawlers has been my hardcore fans since I started blogging from 2003 after being a fan of Fireangel ? THAT’s TEN FREAKING YEARS! Omg, I just realized that as I was typing this. A decade of documenting my life on the internet?

I guess I will continue to documents bits of my life here as long as I can keep up then.  It will continue to serve as a place that help me to store my memories when my memory fail me as it does most of the time now ( aging ! ) Also, it’s great when sometimes people ask me about certain details and all I need to do is direct them to my blog so I do not need to iterate myself like a parrot.

-the end of ramblings-

I guess i will continue to be a neither here nor there blog and post not very interesting stuff… hehehee

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