7 days to Christmas

*** Today someone complimented me!! She say i look like 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huahuahuahahu

” Are you prepared for Christmas already?”

That’s the question i get asked really often here. Normally i will just answer Yes with a smile to stop them for asking anymore. But to be honest, what is there for me to prepare for? Is there really a Santa Claus coming down the chimney(yes, this hse has got chimney) with a bag full of present for me? I got no one to give presents to this year. No parties or dinner to attend. So there’s nothing much for me to prepare for.

However after saying that, i am so prepared for this year Christmas. Putting on some thick sock, i will be sleeping through Xmas with some well stocked series of Friends in my hard disk.hahah

Last year this time, i recalled the things that happen to me in 2006. I guessed i’ve gone beyond my expectation this year. I would never had guessed i will be where i am in a million years.

I’ll try to do a post on that someday when i am free or not lazy. I also missed seeing the christmas decorations in KL malls. They always outdo themselves every year. This year i have yet to see any blog posting up photos on them except for pavillion. hmm.. I still remember Midvalley had the sweetest christmas last year. I went like everyday of the week and took so many photos of them. Photos which i held dear to…hahhaha

The ang moh’s really go all out when it comes to decorating their houses for this season. You will be inflated giant santa, or reindeer outside their gardens. The lighting hanging around the house is enough to bright up the whole streets too. I’ll try to take some photos if i can.

Tomorrow i’ll be heading out to conquer another city in UK. Birmingham, that is! No more kampung for the next 3 days. Hurrah…

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3 Responses to 7 days to Christmas

  1. Des says:

    no more kampung for next 3 days…

    then in pg ma reli reli ulu- ulu adee…

    have fun in birmingham

  2. PiggyYee says:

    u look like 18???
    then i look like 8 yer old lor 😛
    suddenly feel like din c u for ages dy….faster come back la.
    waiting for ur William’s pasta

  3. Eve says:

    Des, my place is worse than teluk bahang + batu maung..

    piggyyee: miss me or miss pasta more? My cabonara not bad also..huhuhuh

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