A Day at Kajang..

Last Thursday, me and a few friends decided to drive all the way over to Bangi to visit some few friends that are currently imprisoned in ukm. The journey…damn far wei…and the weather damn hot tat day!!

After an hour or so, we reached the tempat pentadbiran Mr.Ong. This is the castle that he is currently living in.
But as you clearly can see, there’s nothing here for him to tadbir except some ants and birds.. maybe some plantation.
That’s when my good friends decided to leave me there and die… -.-||

Nah…just kidding..hehe..i know not funny…

Anyway, we went over to Kajang for the famous Kajang Satay.. This place is huge ya…even Will is amazed by the kejayaan of a satay seller.

1 stick of normal satay is RM0.60, whereas i can get similar standard ones at Balik Pulau for RM0.25. wahhaha.. As you can see, the satay is not cheap, so it reveals to us, how to get rich by selling satay. The ketupat and cucumber comes with the satay that you ordered, but i suspect they actually charge us for that as well. *edit* after lookin at the photo only i realize, they really do charge us the ketupat =.= */edit*
The highlight of the day!!!
After getting lost and starving, this is the reward. YAY!!!
Remember to wipe the saliva after you drool ya.

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5 Responses to A Day at Kajang..

  1. aL says:

    erm. sorry to say lar. but the satay really not nice AT ALL lor. oni the kuahs are good =X

  2. Wan Yean says:

    whooarrgh. which friend of urs drive a smart forfour?! $_$

  3. Eve says:

    al: not bad ady la…i tasted better when i’m in Indonesia actually. but give face to kajang abit le..hehe the kuah good la..

    wanyean: hehe..he’s also your friend la..

  4. Jason says:

    Aiks, i went to the same place the last time i went down to UKM to visit my ‘imprisoned’ friends. We actually entered a ONE WAY road just next to the shop against the traffic flow! Almost Diedddd..

  5. Eve says:

    jason, i think our imprisoned friends only know 1 place.hehe Last year, they brought me to another place which i think is nicer la..opp some shoppin complex one..

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