A day in PAYAR

Update: SORRY PEOPLE! i guess i was just too excited to blog about this and i had the WRONG TITLE! Thanks to bro who pointed that out. no wonder so many people ask me, “you went payar or pangkor?” and i thought those people don’t know how to read. MY BAD! i went Pulau PAYAR

The speedboat that we board take off from the pier right on the dot which is 845am. Looking around, there’s no local except for us and the staff. Well, it’s a sunday afterall. The journey took around 1.5 hours from Penang to Payar Platform. Anyway, we were up in the upper deck most of the time cos it’s not that stuffy. Then the sun got too hot for us, we went into the “cockpit” for boat(i dono what’s called la) Sitting at the captains chair, very nice. Have you sat on a captain seat before? haha. Next time if you go, just walk in, the people there are very friendly and will tell you loads of stuff like whale sighting.

The platform isn’t actually really big but good enough. After a short briefing, we put on our snorkelling gear and *splash* So many fish staring at you saying “FEED FEED FEED”, at first i felt it’s so disgusting, Ewww..so many fish touching me. And seeing my fear, my friends start throwing bread crumbs around me. DAMN IT! now i have bruises on my leg because the stupid fish likes to cubit people.

Basically, there’s alot of corals that looks like overgrown potatoes, some reef with nemo inside, dory fish that always lose out when it comes to bread crumbs, and huge fish that will become ikan masin in the future. As i mentioned earlier, there’s alot of foreigners, so alot of bikinis clad girls to see haha. Even an old auntie around 70++ wore a lacy bikini with all the wrinkled skin. very chio auntie ok..hhhahaha There’s also alot of ang moh guy in trunks.

Around noon, the buffet lunch is ready!! After swimming for 2 hours, i’m hungry like a wolf. Lunch was not bad, as they have a reasonable wide variety. I love the lamb stew. Very sedap!!

So after lunch, we went to another side of the beach to see sharks and baracuda. Scary, the sharks are like swimming around your ankle ok! and it’s not those baby sharks you see in Redang.
We had to see the baracuda from the jetty as it’s too dangerous to go near ’em. They have razor sharp teeth along their “snout” if you dont know. We linger back to take take photo here and there before going back to the platform.

They have glass-bottom boat rides too, that take us out to the section we are not allowed to swim too. But that was abit too boring, so end up taking loads of photos again. hahaha. The japs we notice, will put on their makeup before getting in the water, and when they got up, they will reapply and get in again. I mean, whats the point la?

Another interesting thing is, this arabian lady, went snorkelling fully clothes, with her black tudung, black trunks and even the black robe. Scare me ok, i thought whats that floating around!! So yeah, i guess that’s the best way to stay fair on a snorkelling trip. Hahaha
So that’s the more or less about the day trip i had in Payar. Paid RM155 for it, which is worth it i felt. Foreigners have to pay RM270 for the same thing i get. hahaha ..better be local again. I think i pigged the entire journey home. Reach around 530pm.

Ps: Night was fun, went dinner with my family and then haagen dazz for fondue again. Wahahah. Meet a fellow blogger there also..haha so ngam ya… I thought you are in Johor..

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6 Responses to A day in PAYAR

  1. Jason says:

    One Day in Pangkor? Hehehe.

    Anyway, which was better? Perhentian/Redang or Payar?

    Neway those sharks are exactly the same size with the ones i saw in Perhentian wor. I think i’ve seen even bigger ones in Perhentian.

    They’re all baby sharks kua. Mother or Father shark can come up to 3metres wor. NO meh?

  2. christalloh says:

    i fed those baby shark with Chicken drumstick before too… the last time i went there le… shud b less than 5 years ago kua… lol…

    thy might have become mothe & father shark d… lol….

    u using coral to edit now? if its good i want to use d…

  3. fishtail says:

    Was the weather friendly? Did you all come back with skin peeling off? Eeeks!

  4. Eve says:

    jason: there’s a spot in perhentian where des saw a big shark.must be the papa shark d. the shark looks smaller in photo. it’s actually kinda big. maybe those i saw is teenage shark? no need to ask of course Perhentian/redang best la

    Christal: i use corel and paintshop pro. Actually din really edit much except the borders.not very good at it. TEACH ME PHOTOSHOP LA!

    Fishtail: Mother nature is kind to us. It’s cloudy for the whole day but still im darker(not tan) =( I splat on loads of sunblock spf 50 before leaving the shades so no burns. ehhe

  5. Arth says:

    seems like a really nice place to visit…i might wanna go thr someday if i do drop by in penang for a short visit 🙂

  6. Eve says:

    arth: yap, if you like snorkelling, it’s worth a trip =)

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