A few days after a year


I wanted to write on how it’s like after a year in malaysia but got drifted reading on my Feb ’08 post instead. Kinda fail huh…  :s

I arrived back in Malaysia in the worst shape i’ve ever been in my life before. Tipping the scale to almost 70kg T_T

Feb 14 that had quite a significant impact on my past 12 months in Malaysia. Funny how things works out in the end. Not funny at the fact that my grannnie did not make it to this year CNY =.=

Anyway, the whole point of this post is….

I started out living as a hippie which i miss so much and now i am working 8-5, most of the time past 5 which i despise obviously.

From nearly 70kg..i am now 5 jeans size smaller and




I’m able to fit into the jean that i abandon 4 years ago before I “grew” too much till i cant wear them neemore…

The JOY!!!

Plus, chap goh meh is creeping up on us again. This year, i wont have the need to throw whole crates of mandarin oranges neemore!! ahahah

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4 Responses to A few days after a year

  1. desmond-t says:

    aiseh no need throw orange liao… u can throw orange at ah butt at home instead… throw mahjong at him also can LOLOLZZZZ

  2. helen says:

    tell me ur secret!!!

  3. Mr Huhu says:

    how come? 2 months in msia i put on 5kg maa..

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