A weekend in Hadyai

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Things to do if you have only 2 days in Hadyai.

EAT much much food till you explode! Just tell the tut tut driver the name of the place, then he’ll bring you there. Hadyai is too small to be lost.

Try KanEng for the stir fried crab meat, tomyam gung and sweet&spicy deep fried fish. Must go 59 or Ha Sip Kau for the claypot flowercrab “tanghoon” i dono what issit called in english. sorry. Another must order at 59 is the claypot bittergourd pork ribs stew..Very yummy.. We also ordered something called KengSom, definately very “keng” because it’s so spicy no one are able to finish their own small bowl. Fyi, it taste like curry mix tomyam. Don’t judge it by my standard as i totally surender when it comes to spicy food. I don’t even take curry mee.

Ride a tut tut and feel like a local. Sometimes i feel i am in a car chase scene..Life threatening ride.

Be spoilt with cheap birdnest and sharkfins. Don’t get me wrong. I am very against people eating shark fin because i think it’s a very cruel thing to do. But I cant stop people from eating it except giving them a piece of my mind and stand back.

However, bird nest is diffferent..hahaha..1 bowl full of bird nest is only 300bht = RM30. fuckin cheap. Anyone can “rinse mouth with bird nest and have shark fins with rice” < cantonese saying.

Take in as much as local food again. It’s all about food~! Be a tourist. Do stupid things.

Local food to try at night:-

  1. The super spicy beef/pork balls and sausage infront of Lee Garden. It’s really super spicy. The mild one is known as spicy sauce -.-| -.-|
  2. The kaya/chickenfloss/butter and sugar bun infront of Pink Lady. The kaya is a MUST try. It’s so good!!
  3. The fried chicken stall just next to bun stall.
  4. The mango and sticky rice shares the same stall with fried chicken
  5. McDonald samurai pork burger and the Shrimp burger. It’s so good!!
  6. Swenson ice cream! fucking cheap tak boleh tahan o_o

Go for thai massage~! How can you miss it. Just note the price is about 240bht for 2 hours full body massage. Since we were occupied during massage no photos. The obligatory Sawadee Ronald photo!

At night, go for some “show” (includes blowing horn, bursting balloon, firecrackers and coke bottle opening) ..go for a drink at the pub or the option we headed for.. playing games and team building in our very own hotel room 🙂

Weapon of choice:-

and Asahi beer at 350BHT, Smirnoff Vodka huge bottle at 680BHT… Will you not drink? Did you not see hoegaarden is just 130BHT? Honestly, even the holiest guy who claims he don’t drink will probably end up wasted sleeping in a corner while holding a mama instant noodle in 1 hand.

The night was fun. Bonding with your colleague with icebreaking games that need not use brains and the sole purpose it was created in the first place is to confuse you more. Photos are withheld… Here’s a very very adorable pomenarian instead 😀 😀

The few remaining ones…

And the last ones standing!! and we woke up the earliest out of all people. 8am!!

Thank you for such a fun weekend away from home! We all need a refresher weekend sometimes and this comes at the right time.You guys a great bundle of fun and awesome team. Quite sad Kimmie couldn’t be there although I’m sure she had her share of fun in KL :p

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5 Responses to A weekend in Hadyai

  1. -pc- says:

    it seems like 6 yrs ago wen i last wen hatyai…
    i even forgot how it looks like liao..
    haha.. is a muz to go again..

    and i hav been seeing u on travellin huh??
    so nice..
    i wish i can oso..


  2. ynnek says:

    Cheaper version of BKK… You just have to create your own RCA

  3. wanster says:

    “even the holiest guy who claims he don’t drink will probably end up wasted sleeping in a corner while holding a mama instant noodle in 1 hand.”

    thank God i’m not like him.

  4. LogicYuan says:

    I haven’t been in Hadyai since the jurassic age…

    its due to the bombings in South Thailand..since it looks safe now,I might consider going there again..

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