Abandon Blog is not good

I’ve got so many things to blog about, but i just couldn’t the time to do anything recently. So many whirlwinds in my life, i’ll be out of my head soon.

abandon blog is seriously not a good sign. I’ll lost track of my life. I love my blog! It reminds me of all the happy times i had.

So a quickie post before i rush out for yet another dinner with Mabel and Hong.

Last weekend, and yesterday was the first time in my entire life that I received bouquet of flower 2 days in a row. Jumping with joy already. Lots of XOXO to those that gave me the flowers.

It has also been a crazy 2 week. I just had to blog about it. but first of all, Venice babeh~

gotta run~

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  1. Sewjin says:

    abandoned blog is an indication that you’re having a life 😀

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