Apple4today started off as a portal for me jot down my thoughts.

I’ve been blogging since 2003, starting from friendster blogs moving on to some blogs that are more private and then to blogspot and here i am today.

Apple4today. I know. Kinda lame. But, i bet you can find more lame names out there! I BET!

The person who blog here is one of the clumsiest person you can find. She stubs her toes every other day and knock her hips around like hippo in china shop. She loves to eat hence the many many post of food, one in particular that won Kenny Sia food blog challenge.

Her ultimate goal in life is to travel to Europe. She had manage to get her butt to Spain, UK and Portugal and hope to cover the rest before she rest in peace. Until she set her foot back to her beloved UK, she’ll travel as much as possible.. trying to get an idea how the rest of the world looks like.

Because of her expensive hobbies (eating and traveling), she is constantly poor and had to earn extra income through her favourite sport, MAHJONG!!

The Camera family member –> Lumix Lx3, Lumix fx9, UWS, Diana QingHua, and Fujifilm Instax 7s and growing.. ^_^ Click on the tags to find related post on the cameras i own!!

Needless to say, Jason Mraz is her favorite singer/songwriter because of his inspirational ways.

This is…

Eve, ze blogger for www.apple4today.com

Thank you for spending your time in this small unsignificant waste of space in the cyberspace.. 😀 Should you feel that you need to contact me for whatsoever reason, you can email me at evenjaz@gmail.com

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