All the yummy food in Penang

So all the food photos that I’ve took of recent here in 1 place.

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice – I’ve not been here for at least 10 years. Now I understand their attraction is using full metal utensils??? I find it so-so only


Song River – one of my favorite supper place with super delicious chicken wings!!!


Woody Cafe, Beach Street – another one of the cafe that sells handmade grilled burgers. This one I like because they are really considerate to provide plastic gloves hahaha!!!


Living Room, Macalister Mansion – A gorgeous place to be. So far, I’ve been to the Bagan bar and Living room for brunch.


I think it’s one of the few places in Penang that serves TWG tea.


I had their MM Big Breakfast – as you can see, it’s not very big. I definitely had better ones elsewhere and it’s pricey too. The only thing i enjoyed our of this was their mushroom. They also have limited choices on their menu. Maybe I will return again for their afternoon tea because it IS such a lovely place to be.


Jawi “Chai Kuih” – had this when i went on an impromptu road trip to KL with Raye. Apparently they are very very famous and seems rightly so. Im not a huge fan of anything related to vegetables but this is not bad. I prefer the turnip filling more than the chives. The skin of dumpling was done really thin and tasteful, but after 2 plates im full because it’s kinda oily for me. Apart from chai kuih, they have dimsums and fish beehoon soup.

Soon Lee Restaurant
Location: 34, MK 12, Main Road, Sg. Bakap, 14200 Sungai Jawi, Seberang Perai Selatan.
Tel: 04 -5824063
Business Hour: 7am – 2pm (Close on alternate Monday)
Cruise Steak House Penang, Bishop Street, next to Lighthouse Cafe – Had dinner here randomly 1 night with Raye and MrSmallface.  I think they have pretty decent food here albeit the confusing interior…
Raye was crazy with their escargot and we ordered a dozen for the 3 of cheesy so yummy.
Puncak Mutira, Kubang Semang – went all the way there for dinner. The place is located VERY VERY deep inside a village, so dont be surprise if you are surrounded by only trees. They have their own animal farm hence, the quality of the food are definitely assured. They are famous for their lamb in particular. and the lamb was really the nice. Others was so-so ..
If you are really interested, here’s the GPS Coordinate: N 5.41517 E 100.45613
Stacks Burger, next to UMNO building – As with the cafe trend in Penang, the burger wave has being in Penang for awhile since oink oink and Marshall hit us hard.
So this burger stall which operates daily from 6pm onwards except Tuesday sells homemade PORK burger with charcoal buns.

We haven’t seen much of this Charcoal Buns burger in Penang except for New York Pizza‘s. So how does this place fair? I feel the burger was juicy but because of the healthier choice of charcoal buns, seems its lacking the oiliness that makes burger a guilty pleasure.


I was told they make everything from scratch, patties to dressing. Since I was there at their soft-launch, I;m sure they will improve better with time 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    You are real good in hunting Penang Food. Fatty loh chicken is not that good nowaday, i prefer sky hotel version. Better.

    The chicken wing in Song river is definitely a recommended place to eat and enjoy the beach.

    btw, what you have in cruise steak house? what are those inside the ceramic bowl? seem delicious..


    Hello Wong, thanks 🙂 Sky Hotel i only like their char siew, so yummmy! The stuff inside the ceramic bowl is escargot baked in cheese. Recommended! Very yummy! You have a very good food blog !

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