Am i even on holiday??

I think i definately pig more when i’m in kl studying T_______T

So busy since the day i got back from KL. First 3 days work, then meet up with a friend for dinner and movie on sunday. Monday went out with TL to visit some friends while on some mission. Not forgetting, i’m also doing another job on top of all the things i’m doing already. can. die.

Tuesday till today, I, again acted as the tour guide for some KL friends. So busy since last wednesday till now, i had not sleep for more than 8 hours in a row!! Warao… Holiday is all about sleeping rite?

I still have my stacks of tvb series to catch up, my prison break to watch, my dvd’s to watch. Guess that will have to wait as well.

I get to so called rest for tomorrow, but i guess i need to run around town doing errands for DivaLisa or my mom. I reserved my saturday for Spyd3r 21st birthday bash ady!! Woot!! Can’t wait cAn’t WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now..i guess i need to walk over to my room before i crash infront of my pc due to fatigue. HAHAHAH

Plenty of photos will be upload ..say next week, when i’m so free till i will complain and whine about my sieness.. =)

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