America-You Vote, You Suck

I mean, did you really listen? How can Chris be voted out?? OMG! You people seriously need hearing aid alright! At this stage, you can’t afford to screw up any song. AT. ALL. But Katherine Mcphony did, but she got through. How can that be? You tell me! I mean, obviously Elvis night wasn’t meant for him, but at least he pull off a decent performance. He pulls off a VERY DECENT performance every single time. So disappointing. I guess now, i’ll support Elliot Yamin, cos i think he need all the help he can get in the entertainment industry, wahhaha..doesnt mean to be cruel at all.

This is one of Chris best performances, take a look man…

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3 Responses to America-You Vote, You Suck

  1. Wan Yean says:

    chris who?
    pardon me im not a fan
    hehehe =)

  2. Wan Yean says:

    chris who?
    pardon me im not a fan
    hehehe =)

  3. angchoonseong says:

    chris the one pfs wan lar..christopher yeoh…
    maybe is the chris lawak of interact club??? christopher chan..

    hahaha..i oso duno which chris..

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