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Today i’m going to talk about American Idol. It had shot ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry or Plain Jane to stardom within a couple of months singing in front of millions. Even if they do not win the idol title, they can do better than those that actually won the title. What it takes to be famous in this phenomenon:

Be a lil bit better looking than the winner
The freaky Clay Aiken(if he is invisible, he wants to spy on girls) outshone Rueben the fat.

Be America’s Darling Girl:
The pretty Kelly Clarkson was the first to win American Idol. She went on to win a Grammy and oops, she forgots to thank those that make her famous, the fans and American Idol itself. Kacang lupakan kulit, that’s what she is. From a frumpy country girl to a rock chic. I guess she lost the title as girl next door.

Have pure talent, need not be pretty:
Look at Fantasia Barrino, she has got a voice of an angel, so god damn unique especially when she sang the song “dono what’s the title but she sang lying” but she has a Erm….not so pretty face.

But there’s an exception for everything. There’s 1 guy who makes million without having any of those mentioned above. He is neither good looking nor talented. Let me present to you, the one that shames all chinis for infamous dance:
Well, those the finalist of this season has got what it takes to make it? Either Make History or Be History is the rule of the game here.

This is in my opinion, the cutest contestant ever! At the tender age of 16, he can melt any teenager, office lady or lau ee’s heart in a milisecond with his deep voice like Frank Sinatra, deep set of eyes, dimple and a flashing thousand watt smile!! Sad news is, he is already out of the game! Better luck new time, lil boy =P

This is a noble man who sings at a bar and has a wife older than him by few years with 2/3 pin yee chai to feed. In order to give them a better life, he depends on one and only thing…..his voice. His looks is a bit chris martin/coldplay but he is a rocker who sings in a pub. Might have a good chance at his competition as Simon says: This song can be played on radio right away! Bright Future i say!

Taylor Hicks, the naturally white/gray hair guy definately stands out among the crowd. Being said so, he is a natural born entertainer. He is just a natural. I think i repeat the word natural alil too many times. Him, the white hair and a harmonica with a great stage presence. What more can you ask for? Is he too perfect? I think he is not suitable to be in the current music industry as he, i repeat, stands out among those hip-hop R&B, booty shaking black world.

Are you already melting girls? Ace Young is, by far the most attractive finalist for 5 season. However, doesnt show any much talent. His good looks will compensate for that. Hey, what is there to worry? Thousands and millions of people regconize him and i dare say, if he and i doubt he will, make is as the next American Idol, he can easily be the AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL! Lolz

He lack of the look, he looks like an ET with the big ears sticking out, he’s shorter than the rest, he has uneven eyebrows and a shaggy face. Then why is he on my blog?
He is the male version of Fantasia Barrino, geddit? He is the best male vocalist by far the American Idol had. A statement made by Simon Cowell himself. If every eligible voter look beyond the looks, he have high chance to clinching the title!!

The purpose of this photo? Nothing actually. Just think that ACE look hot in this. I want to share share with my female readers(as if i have reader*slapself*). This 2 are the crowd favourite though.

So who are you rooting for this season? Tell Me if you watch or follow this reality show.


p/s: notice i mention nuts about the girls? ahhhaa..cos i don care!! There’s too many hunk for me to drool now. Wait till they get kick off then i’ll talk about the girls ya!

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4 Responses to American Idol

  1. summerbear says:

    hey babe~..tho i dun follow much..there r few hunks tat caught my eyes…1st is David(he is SOOOOO CUTE)..2nd is Chris(he ROCKSSSS)..3rd is Ace (his smile MELTS MY HEART)…4th is Elliot..(tho he is not good looking…but he is cute/funny looking..heehe…he remind me of edwin..*big ear sticking out*)…hehehhe…taylor look like ‘ah pek’ 2 me… old he is?

  2. says:

    i dont watch american idol here. i dunno whether the ah pek will win or the seow lien keh will win. But one thing is for sure…….someone will win the american idol. lowsuy comment? hehhhe

  3. fooDcrazEE says:

    lolz….too commercialized liao

  4. Eve says:

    summer: i’m not too sure of taylor’s age but i think its 29 or something la. among the oldest there.

    Will: yes. its abit lousy

    Foodcrazee: obviously it’s too commercialized. If not, no other country will follow wise. But at least their idol has really become an idol. Unlike other countries idol which is unheard of.

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