Among other things, 9.9.09 is World Hoop Day!

I ran out of here’s one from Jason Mraz 😀

Anyway, i went back to Penang last weekend. Very last minute plan.. Decided to go back on Friday morning itself -__-

There’s some great stuff in Penang though ..

Amazing unagi roll


Parents aiming at some food..hhahha. I just notice they both wore matching top just different color..

Brother showing off the size of the scallop. Hotate Don or something like that.


My Beef rice. Wagyu beef..yumyumyum!!

Sukiyaki with wagyu beef!!

The story with wagyu beef. We initially ordered the sukiyaki but then with my family, 1 plate of beef is not enough. So we ordered another serving and chomped it all down. Then BrotherPoh suddenly say “Hmmmm the beef is good, taste milky”  which we all retorted must be the soup la, this and that.

When the bill came, the single serving of beef is RM70!!!!! 0_0 o_o The waitress then educate us that they only serve wagyu beef. So accidently, we all tasted wagyu beef..hehe. Total damage is for dinner is > RM400. thanks to DivaLisa :))

To make long story short, we did not know we had wagyu beef until the bill came -_____-

Penang is also where MrSmallFace is base.

Me and my kooky eye-ball.. Gosh my eyebag -______-

Looking vintage/grandma here which i LIKE!

Plain blue dress: Bangkok for 200bht! So whats there to complain right?

Belt: Online

Bag: Vintage looking leather bag, Bangkok for 250bht! So whats there to complain right?

When I came out of the room in the morning, my mom was like “Wah, you look like me when I was young, just i wore much hipper than you” hahaha With the nature background behind me, the photo really looks like those from my parent era… 😀

The cutest and most manipulative furkid alive!! Jazz Lee 😀


PS: The place we went to is Kirishima, Cititel fyi…

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