Anonymity issue

Recently I felt a constraint when in comes to blogging. It shouldn’t be that way at all but somehow now there are things or people I canot blog about. That’s why the recent blog entries are just a few words, enough to remind me of the event when I read back.

I realized it when a random friend asks me about my trips. Then another girl who I hardly know comes tell me that she reads my blog as well. When a person that I least expects told me that HE reads my blog as well, I’m like “Damn…” Of course im trilled to know that there’s actually people out there who makes the effort to click into this very page.but I prefer some people not to read my blog.

When I first started this blog, I choose to be anonymous thus winterbeear is the blogger. Not putting a face to the name has a lot of advantages.I can curse like there’s no tomorrow and not a single soul would know it’s me OR Talk bad bout everyone even your family yet no one can judge you because no one knows who you are (maybe not here) OR share your darkest secret with blogger like when you have this ritual where u burn your barbies when your are young.

But I’m the sort of person who couldn’t stop posting up photos for friends to see and blabbing sharing bout my life. How to stay anonymous like that?

Im really considering of shutting down this blog as those that I wish reads me does not, at all and vice versa. Or I’ll just venture into anonymity and start posting up photos like this:

But that wouldn’t have served the main purpose of my blog at all. I cant blog about other stuff because I lack of seriousness so politics are definately out!! I can’t spin out humorous blog like Kennysia or spiritual stuff like 5xmom, I suck at photoshop and i dont have celebs for my friends or cool event that i went to. so That leaves me with my life right?

Anyway, this blog is not meant to be read by any family members. So I’ll be relived if pidgeon would stop reading my blog and read others. If u knows my sis, then tell ur ism to stop reading my blog la. You know im phobia of her. I don’t want her to find out about me in my blog. She can ask me straight or I’ll just tell her, not through a blog. Family members shouldn’t get to know about the other members’ life thru a freaking blog!

My point is, again, I don’t wish to have any family reading this blog anymore so that I can again blog freely without fearing of them getting a different impression of who I am..

To those that had read my blog all along, or had just stumble upon this space, thanks for spending your time here. I really appreciate your time here.

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6 Responses to Anonymity issue

  1. Jason says:

    I agree dat it wouldn’t be comfortable when a family member reads your blog. Just like how my niece had to constantly remind me not to tell my/her parents or bring out something she mentioned in her blog during family gatherings, hahaha.

    Don’t resort to anonymity coz it’s gonna make the blog less interesting. And please don’t shut down your blog, i’m a very regular visitor to your blog already =)

    Waiting for ya FX-9 entry, hahaha. Show me some of the picture quality k? Hehe

  2. christalloh says:

    do not shut down this blog kay… lol… i’ll miss it sooooooooo much…

    keep it up… ya.. mana photo from ur NEW gadget???


  3. Ask For Fun says:

    are u going to shut down ur blog ?? opss.. seem like you may do it ……
    like tat meh.. dun laa

  4. joosing says:

    emmm…..eve…i know how u felt when ur relative read ur blog….cos i know hows thew feeling too..
    but since at the early stage u already decided to start to blog…just keep going… n if u close down this blog…it would be just a waste of ur time of wat u have been blogging….
    ur blog is GREAT!!! i love to read!! keep it up!!
    n cheer!!

  5. angchoonseong says:

    shud i read or not? we are related in sense of same genus and species… hehehee

    blog sajalar..apa mau kisah siapa baca!!

  6. Eve says:

    all: thanks for all the encouraging words.

    acs: u dono siapa kakak saya.

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