Another year gone

Continuation from the previous post.

So after lunch, me and MrSmallFace finally got to watch 2012 together. I think its a nice movie. The impact of the natural disaster scenes was great!

Dinner was at Sid’s Pub, Bangsar South. Been wanting to try the place after reading so much review from everywhere.

They renovated the place to make it look like any other of the thousand pubs in UK. Knowing how I love UK, it’s the perfect place for my birthday. Simple dinner with the group of friends, just like always, everyone rowdy and happy clappy.

The place was very full and we had to wait for almost 20mins to get a table for our party of ten. So while waiting, we ordered a couple of pints. As you can see, mine is already half gone ZzzZzz…

The place serves all sorts of beers from the tap. To my delight, they have cider…!\

No further a due, Cheeboo’s spring chicken.

This blue cheese with mushroom is so so so good! I ordered it halfway through our meal and no regrets. I love cheese and mushroom, this dish have best of both HMmmmm!! Almost everyone was dipping their fries into the oozy cheesy goodness.

My “Ben Nevis” burger which is double pork patties, egg, bacon AND  cheese..Can you say “WOW!”

It tastes so delicious! Will definitely go back again for it. again and again.

MrSmallface Pork Vindaloo. It was too spicy for me that I can’t really taste anything..

LadyCow’s chicken in a basket. Which is chicken strips and fries in a basket.

Lancashire Pot. No idea what it is as did not tasted it.

i just love my order for that night. Meat and cheese galore ♥ If i’m not careful, surely will gain all the weight that I’ve lost…

With Teongli..Thanks for always layan-ing my last minute calls for dinner and introducing me to all the nasi lemak around our area!

LadyCow.. Just missing Autumn Dear 🙁

With my only cake this year.  They gave me the cake before twelve with XX number of candle… 😀

I’m gonna make taking instant photo with birthday cake a tradition.

And then soon after the clock strike twelve, the gang suddenly start singing again. To my surprise. It’z my favourite mille crepe cake. Thanks LadyCow for remembering. ♥

The guys gave me the key to join the charm club.. 😀

It’s something for them to start and MrSmallface to continue hehehe. I bet many people did not know that I’ve been wanting to have  a charm bracelet for the longest time. I love reading Enid Blyton’s while I was young and very much influence by it. There was once I stumbled into a shop selling all the trinkets and charm in Sheffield but all I can afford is stare and admire how pretty and shiny all the tiny charms are. Now I own one ♥ ♥ ♥!!! Weeee…

Thanks guys for such a nice, cozy night!! 🙂 Eh, but how come the picture is missing Rubberband??

The next day, DivaLisa treated me to a nice lunch at Apartment.

Before dropping MrSmallFace to the airport, we had a simple dinner at Kissaten, Jaya One. Highly recommended.

The food are reasonable priced and good with great portions.

My weird ginger beer. I don’t know why I ordered it. Properly cos I fancy the packagin -__-

Mushroom Hamburger Steak. Plenty of gravy. So yummy.

MrSmallface udon that comes with drinks

and also gyoza. All these for less than RM50. Great deal.

And they play Jazz music. I likey!

Finally when I went home, MrSmallFace left a final surprise for me under my bed. I practically had to crawl all the way under it to get it…ZzzZzzz

Surprise, no?? I bet you are surprise too :p  So creative, always the artistic ones ♥

It was a great weekend well spent. Happy Happy ♥♥♥  MrSmallFace did an awesome job arranging everything. If there’s anything that went wrong during the weekend, its only me to blame for being such a control freak and too smart to surprise.. ngek ngek ngek…

Just like that another year has gone by. Grown a year older and i hope wiser with the things I learn in life. Definitely half the size  AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA ..

Happy Birthday to me 🙂

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For 2007, click *HEREEE* although I celebrate it alone…miss uk..hmmm

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15 Responses to Another year gone

  1. desmond-t says:

    “It’s something for them to start and MrSmallface to continue hehehe.”

    ah butt, Kill me.. wuahahahaha *most devilish laugh ever*

    Eve: -__-

  2. teongz says:

    another year gone?
    Another Year Well-spent!

  3. Mr Huhu says:

    im still deciding whether to watch 2012 or to just wait until 2012


    Eve: Just wait and see lor… if nothing happen, just buy dvd

  4. kimmie says:

    hey Eve.. the Ginger Beer rite.. is from Aussie… selling cheap at 2.50.. and Aussie ppl like it very much… * i dunno why… ha ha

    Eve: Really? It’s good for ppl like you and Kenny. Alot of “hong” wan heheheh

  5. ting says:

    the wrapper is very creative

    Eve: yahlo…but midnight suddenly saw the card can terkejut.

  6. leeken says:

    ya..the wrapper and card is really nice, damn resourceful and a genius..buttz at his best 🙂

    Eve: leeken is that sarcasm? :p

  7. Daphne says:

    Yr MrSmallface wrapper and card is so cute,lol. Happy belated birthday=)

    Eve: Thanks CP!

  8. wendy says:

    kenny macam promote himself kao kao with the wrapper and card..hahaha

    great idea on the charm bracelet..hehe

    Eve: if anyone interested in customizing stationaries, can let him know. I’m just guinea pig :S

  9. ynnek says:

    To LeeKen: You are my true heng tai!
    To Wendy: Shhhhhh!!!

  10. leeken says:

    no la…when i saw it it was like ‘eh when did they start printing wrappers with this design’..haha…its nice

  11. autumn says:

    hahahha..i just view all d above..finally..autumn dear has been lying on bed with fever n headache for the past 2 weeks..sigh..lucky din go kl..abo sure kena more teruk than now..but nvmla..c u guys so happy celebrating n c u happy with butt creativity..enuf d..heheheh ah butt-all i can say is kah yau as nex yr same time gonna challenge ur creativity again..ahahhahaha 😀

    Eve: It would be so much better with u around..

  12. christal.loh says:

    i like the wrapper, very creative wor… >.<
    self print ??

    but with your face on it.. a bit OVER lor !!@!@!@!… ahahahah…

    Eve: ahahha so honest..

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