Apalaaaa~~Scotland yay! Yay!

That’s the word i say the most recently. dono why suddenly like to say Apalaaa…alot…Hohoho…

Yay! Scotland Road trip!!! Finally! 1 and only 1 road trip with my collegemates after this..sayonara to everyone. 🙁

Cross my fingers that it will be magnificient!!! Ooo…hope hope ya..

Be gone till Monday. So be good people!!

Last *year today*, i had for the first time, the BEST PAN MEE at chowkit and then went Chinoz for the first time too.

and i also went visiting friends for the *famous Kajang satay*. Can’t imagine now buaya and williamT are back in Malaysia and i’m away.

Here’s Something for you people to read while i’m gone.

The Corridors or Power
Go Fug Yourself
Karen Cheng
The Bitter Stickgal

and 1 more extra if i am too lazy to update by Tuesday.

Edison Chen

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  1. Wan Yean says:

    eh, tak kasi taruh THE blog as reads ah? very nice oso i heard

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