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I’ve been reading a few months of my own blog tonight and then i realize that i sounded really really loud and rude in the past. No wonder people who read my blog first and then met me says that i am quite different from how i project myself in my blog. Now i understand.

From what i read, a year ago, i sounded really childish and i don’t like how i blog stuff. If i am a reader from nowhere, i would have click the X the second minute. My god, i sound really annoying back then, don’t i. I hope i don’t sound annoying now. hahah.. But by blogging, it also help me track how i’ve change throughout the times and remind me of things that might have slip from my mind. It also reminds me of the times i had with my friends and makes me relives the moment that i spend doing things i love.

This might be one of the most difference Christmas for most of us. We have spend every single christmas together as a group of friends since 2001. This year, the girls will be spending it with their other halves and “inlaws” and the boys..well, just went to singapore to have some fun. I wonder will the month of celebration will now be limited selected people from now on? It really shows that we are no longer bubble head teenagers who wants to go out and get covered with confetti(i never like tat anyway)

It’s time for us to celebrate in peace and harmony, with a beautiful glass of wine, sitting at home and watching chrismas tv with your love ones. OMG….i am still too young at heart to do that. Muahah. Just that i don’t have any other option this year except sleep and be good when in my host family house.

I miss the 2005 christmas in KL….really really miss it although i would never ever go to SG.Wang on any celebration night again. I miss singing carols while heading spontaneously to Genting with only a thin cardigan.

I might be having a sucky and freezing(hopefully white) Christmas this year but i wish everyone a Great Christmas, a Merry and Joyous one and many more in the future 🙂

Have a wonderful kiss-mas!! 😀

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