Are you wearing Yellow Today?

Thanks to MSN, blogs and youtube. Otherwise, i wouldn’t have known what the hell is happening to malaysia.

A peaceful walk being challenge by tear gas, fully geared police and chemical water canons. Whatever happens to the country that gained independence 50years ago but now we couldn’t even have a independent stroll in the city.

I was walking to buy the newspaper today and the wind is so cold that i think i wouldn’t have felt a thing if you slap me 10 times across the face. And i saw a lollipop man. Man, i think he has the worse job ever. Standing there, freezing cold waiting for a bunch of kids.

Come back later, i’m in the midst of my completing my final travelogue post on PORTUGAL! best place to be!

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2 Responses to Are you wearing Yellow Today?

  1. Kitkat says:

    What’s the temperature there?

  2. Eve says:

    it’s about 10c ..but it feels colder because of the wind and there’s no sun! very cloudy!

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