Art is Rubbish is Art

During CNY holidays, I went to Ernest Zacharevic art exhibition with my cousin Ting and friend, Moy. Trying to be with the “in” crowd and all, you know.  -_-


Anyway I felt that everything was drawn beautifully. It’s a great blessing that we live in Penang and our people are so receptive of street arts and mural unlike some other places. However, with good there’s always evil such as unappreciative people who will spoil the art pieces. Isn’t it basic manners to not TOUCH the pieces? I saw a middle-age couple that was taking selfie and touching those painting. Ironically, the lady was standing just beneath the sign “Do not touch the art” with her hand touching it. -__- Worse, they went beyond the barrier touching this cow art piece zzzzz.. But I guess my frowning and staring scared them off a teeny bit..hhahahaha!!

20140211-023713 pm.jpg

Okay, enough of rant about these brainless people. Lets focus on the good things instead! 🙂

20140211-023649 pm.jpg

Really nice piece. If I have the money and space, I would love to own this. I know nothing about art, but somehow I really like the colors and strokes in this.  Probably i just really like anything colorful and “penang-ish”

20140211-023704 pm.jpg

20140211-023722 pm.jpg

Lone Shark .. Get it? Get it??

20140211-023732 pm.jpg

20140211-023747 pm.jpg

To me the epitome of the exhibition theme. Art may be rubbish to some but Rubbish can be turn into art. That is why I admire creative people, because I am not one. Who would have give a hole in the ground or pothole a second glance prior to this? Now you get so many similar photos popping up in the social media just like this! 😀

20140211-023756 pm.jpg

20140211-023808 pm.jpg


Plus, today is K birthday!!


Happy Happy birthday my dear K! Wishing you wealth, health and happiness!! 🙂

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