Ballet Illuminations


Last Friday, I accompanied MsGreen for a ballet recital at PenangPac. After spending so much time watching So You Think You Can Dance on TV, I was quite looking forward to watch a ballet recital live for the first time. We don’t always get ballet company performing here in Penang, Well come on, who would have thought there will be an audience for it right?


We got our tickets online with an early bird price and while collecting our tickets, I was casually chatting with the staff.

So how’s the response for the show? Good?
It’s full house today! Surprisingly tickets are sold out for all 3 shows
Huh? Really??
Yea, I was shocked myself! Penang wor!! Ballet wor!!!

Exact words from the ticketing staff.

We got ourselves really neat seats, right at the first row. So those men in really tight white tights jumping around on stage was really in our face hahaha.. Anyway, I truly enjoyed the evening as it’s quite amazing watching the ballerina spin 32 times non-stop with that kind of body posture ON her toes during the Don Quixote piece.  My favourite piece of the night out of the 4 performed was in fact the contemporary piece.

Apart from that, I’m really happy with the crowd and the turnout. I always felt that to know how matured a place is or how developed it is, just look at the level of art appreciation in the people.

Ballet, I would love to watch again 🙂

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  1. The Nonya says:

    This looks really nice! I badly wanted to watch Emily of Emerald Hill last time but unable to find people to watch with me 🙁

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