Bangkok – Food Galore

If not now, when?

And so that’s how my trip to Bangkok during Christmas week eventualize. I had few day-off to clear, and always wanted to go Thailand via train.  After booking the flight home and hostel, only to find out that the trains were full… Next best option when the travel date was 2 weeks from then ?

(Hadyai Bus Terminal – washroom was clean! ) 

I took a 4 hours van ride to Hadyai, interchange for another 12 hours bus ride to Bangkok. All just for RM128. Beat that Airasia! :p


The ride was not as bad as everyone expected. It was in fact quite comfortable and not a bumpy ride despite its federal road all the way from Hadyai. There was a couple of stops but Thailand stops are huge and clean too. I brought along my trusty scarf and a blankie I “took” from Cathay, but the bus driver was worried that I will be cold, and insisted I take the blanket provided…hahaha!! He’s especially caring to us as he knew we were foreigners (obviously)

 Tip: The moment you get off the bus at Bangkok Terminal, there will plenty of people offering you ride to the city with fix fare. Dont trust them, there’s a metered taxi stand just outside of the terminal. We got scammed by paying 600bht for a short 15mins ride to our hostel 🙁

From this point onward, it will be all about food in Bangkok ^_^

Braised Pork Leg Rice at Silom Soi 20 morning market -> click for map


Very nice and cheap. It was a random stall but the wall is plastered with newspaper clippings so we think they are sorta famous.


Same stall, selling original Koay Chiap with all the spare parts


Iced caramel macchiato and butterscotch waffle @ True Coffee. They have plenty of branches around Bangkok and the best part is they offer free wi-fi ^_^


Coconut ice cream dessert that comes with a small cup of juice at Chatuchak Market. Stall located outside the public toilet -__- I guess its a good location as there’s always a crowd waiting for those who need the loo…and it’s perpetually hot. Hard to resist a cold dessert. Do you notice my juggling act of holding the coconut half and a cup of coconut juice in ONE hand and trying to take a nice photo with another hand…? all in the name of blogging.. 🙂


Somboon Thai Restaurant. There’s a branch just around the hostel, which we have to walk pass on the way to the BTS station. Thoroughly disappointment with it. Used to be so good. The restaurant still have a long queue outside every time we walked pass though and we were surrounded by Koreans, Japanese and Caucasians customers. The oyster in the omelette does not taste fresh at all.

My favorite find during this trip was when I stumble upon Dean & Deluca just right next to the Chong Nonsi BTS Station. Remember how I died over their shortcake in Tokyo, I was squealing when I saw the cafe and insisted that we must try!!

edit for blog3

It was such a bright and large space, very modern design. And they have the most look-alike Santa with a great voice serenading and entertaining the customers.

My egg Benedict before raiding Chatuchak Market


Enormous BLT Sandwich, mind you.


On the very last day in Bangkok, I woke up early just so I can make a quick trip to D&D before leaving for home. Opens from 7am daily.


Somtam Nua @ Soi 5 Siam Square. I read about this in several blogs and also noticed how there’s always queue when I was in Siam Square. I met up with May, a friend who is working in BKK for dinner and apparently, they always make people wait outside although they have table ready. -__-

Hours/Times: Open daily, 10:45 a.m.-9.30 p.m.


I let my friend do all the ordering as she’s more familiar than me obviously. On the left is a northern style sausage and right, the salted egg somtam.

edit for blog4

The highlight of the restaurant to me is the fried chicken.. SO YUMMY!! It truly fits the saying “finger licking good”


After dinner, we just move to Mango Tango dessert shop which is located directly opposite Somtam Nua. Earlier on, we saw some Japanese waiting for the shop to open so I guessed its really famous..


Delicious desserts. I love the mango sago thingie..

On Christmas Day, we met up with May again for some dinner and drinks. She brought us to Sabai Jai Gai Yang (สบายใจ ไก่ย่าง) in Ekamai soi 1 which is consider as authentic Thai restaurant.

edit for blog5

We had the Tomyam Gung and also thai oyster omelette again. Tomyam was nice, omelette- the ones in Penang still so much better. Sabai Jai is famous for their grilled chicken with fried garlic.


However, the star of the dinner to me was the crabcake with some sweet sauce.. ITS JUST SO GOOD I CANT STOP EATING IT!! make sure you order it if you happen to frequent it.


Next, another must not miss dessert place in Bangkok – After You dessert. You can find it in several places but I went to the one in Siam Paragon, basement, opposite Four Season Restaurant (my fav duck rice shop from London!!!)


We were there quite late and only had room for their signature dessert – Shibuya Honey Toast. Even though it was late at night about 10pm, there’s still a queue outside this place…. Because it’s just so worth it!! So heavenly!! As their tagline says – there’s always room for dessert 🙂


After digging into the toast for awhile, I was wondering, why isnt it sweet at all?? Turns out, we have to pour the honey all over the toast ourselves -____- anyway the photo above was taken prior to flooding it with honey… -__-

With all the yummy food above, I present to you one of the great gems we found this trip.


This Duck Noodle (Decho Road, Suriyawong  Bang Rak) from a small shop across our hostel, is so good and cheap!! I think maybe 350bht? Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest… 🙂

And so, I conclude bangkok part 1 🙂 All the above foods are recommended!! 🙂

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