Before 14th February

Since Mr.SmallFace birthday’s fall a few days shy from Valentines Day and we all KNOW that valentines day is when all the restaurants and florist get a huge chunks from all mark-up ridiculous prices, we decided to celebrate it earlier 🙂

Mario’s Italian ristorante is the choice of gluttony as we have heard so many raves about it.

Huge Salmon Pizza to share. Bigger than my face!

They were definitely very generous with the salmons strewn all over the very nicely hand tossed pizza base.

Ooooo… creamy creamy carbonara 😀 This is uber yummy!!

The photos that waiter/waitress took is always blurry fml..why la … T___T I think the below photo look quite sad lor.. Like the entire restaurant no more seat, they have to put up with us at a small table next to the kitchen exit ..

The happy birthday boy!! Must happy la, get his dream birthday present wor…. Now sometimes, I just got ignored at the corner..Regret T__T

Eh, his birthday but I also got gift  hahaha

Now my charm bracelet is almost complete!

So happy! One from all the dearies, one from Family and another one from MrSmallFace..!

Now all i need to do is buy one for myself and I think it’s a complete charm bracelets with blessings all around :))

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4 Responses to Before 14th February

  1. Mr Huhu says:


    Eve: salmon is good food!

  2. ynnek says:

    Thomas Sabo pandai sabo people’s money…hahahah

    Eve: Especially your money..

  3. HaniMelz says:

    Nice charm bracelet u got there ^^

    EvE: thanks~

  4. +k.loon says:

    hehe.. see the pizza beh tong.. hope it comes with bacon also.. the “present” is a evil to many couple.. where usually the girl will be ignore more.. i too have the symptom.. alot of guys too.. hehe

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