Before the fever and heat subsides..

I must faster talk about the WorldCup Final, if not i’ll be outdated in my blog. Then no one will visit it ever again* covers mouth and gasp* Ok, no more short post with just a few photos!!

EARLY sunday morning, my handphone rang *Teriyaki Boys & YapunGirlss Singing* Once i pick up,

mr628: HEY HEY! WAKE UP LIAU!! GO genting watch world cup la!! KIA KIA, We’re already at Pasar Seni.
me: *still dreamy* don wan
mr628: *still superexcited* Don care don care, wake up, we meet you at wangsa maju lrt at 930AM. Very fun, we go theme park, go casino, go watch world cup!!!!!!
me: DONT WAN LA! i sleep at 6am ok! now its just 8am, if go also, i will just go there and pig everywhere. No fun having me along.
mr628: *deaf mode*LRT YA!!!!!!BYE!!! *hung up*
me: ……….
*cont pigging*

I still ended up at the lrt station at 1030am. Wahahhaaha…sorry guys!! Luckily the skyway is close for 1 month, or else i would have freak out again. Phobia of riding the cable car. Damn it, i feel like i will fall any second when i’m in that small lil cage. So we went up by bus and wahlauuuu, damn crowded!! Just to check in, we had to wait 3 loooooonngg hours, but we took the time to go walk around and had lunch. Smart us *wiggle eyebrows*

It’s was super misty that day and the day after too. So cold!! Luckily i brought along my trusty jacket. I thought of abandoning it at home initially. Just to show u how foggy it was on a sunny day:
After taking photos and going on a few crazy rides, especially the spinning teacup*vomits* , we went up to the room to have a siesta, since all of us had like 3 hours sleep the day before and we knew it will be another long night ahead of us.

We went to the Arena of stars early, bout 12am, to get ourself good seats. Yea! We got ourself quite a front seat and good view to the 5 bigass screen infront of us. I got a free beer too cos i’m a worldcard holder. Double Yay!!

I think the organizer did quite a good well, entertaining the early birds there to prevent us from dozing off. There’s plenty of games and performances going on. Cheerleading, people been thrown into the air, skipping ropes troupe which is really good, some dancing group from germany which scores guys attention as they wore scantily*roll eyeballs* and a very very very good acrobatic act from obviously china girls. Their balancing damn good! This is me, camwhoring for awhile cos i’m bored and sleepy and cold and hungry. All at the same time, and i endured it all, for the love of football!! Dont i look like a panda?? I think i must have been a panda in the past life, as i just cant get rid of it. Arghhhh

The final…well, it’s the world cup finals!! What else can i say, it was an experience to watch it with such a huge crowd. It’s as if i’m really there, because those people are so expressive and loud throughout the whole match.

all gang

Another thing is that, is ZidanetheGod out of this silly bald mind?? I understand he is retiring after this Worldcup but must he tell the whole world that he is actually a master in Tit Tau Kung as well? I believe he can find other job other than being a footballer or a shaolin master
This photo was taken when i was on my way back to the room. Looks like the place where they race in Initial D right ?? Right??

Last but not least……

I just had to post this up!! Dont you just adoooreee they super human bodies!!

ps: This is no porno site ya…it’s not obscenities. This is what i call….art…wahhahahahha

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10 Responses to Before the fever and heat subsides..

  1. aL says:

    again! o_O

  2. cK says:

    go genting to watch football finals? hebat. eh which part of kl you stay?

  3. Eve says:

    cal: nice ma!no??

    ck: in setapak, near the robbery place la,ahaha

  4. cK says:

    so farrrrrr

    my friend staying in setapak also actually.

    got any nice things to eat or not? something new and I never eat b4 one..

  5. Eve says:

    ck: how i know what havent you tried before? erm, i know those hawker place at nite lo.Petaling street also nice, chowkit midnite got something like bak kut teh one also nice.

  6. christalloh says:

    cis… i wana go genting & watch the final too le… juz for the fun…. lol….

    i miss genting… u ajak more people then we can go genting together sama sama enjoy… huahahahha….


  7. Jason says:

    YES, Chow Kit might bak kut teh is super nice!!!

  8. cK says:

    bored giler. kia, when u free?

  9. ting says:

    the last pic is very u know that footballers are among the few that has the best bodies in the world..coz its not bulging like heavy weights…

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