Before Turning teeny too old

*this was draft few days ago..

I just came back from mamak session with some friends and we started talking about things we must/want to do before we “settle down”. Loosely speaking that would be before we all reach our 30.

That is because when you are in your 20’s you are somehow still excusable to do crazy things but not as much as when you are 18. There’s a few things that I wished i had done before I am here today but we can’t turn back time.

The point of 20s is to reach 30s — and by then, people will really be expecting us to act like a grown-up.Like FINALLY

Thinking fondly of my experiences, I would have think twice at what I’ve did sometimes and I highly doubt I have the energy, time or guts to do it. Where had my enthusiasm and spirits went??

With so much instability in the world now, I can’t guarantee I will even live pass the age of 50. Seriously. So to those that think, a human only deserve to experience life after you finish paying off that car loan and this housing mortgage, I suggest you think again.

Do you live to pay off interest and make other people like better, getting tangible items  or would you rather live a life full of life where  you gain and forever own the intangible items ie experiences and knowledge to the grave and next life?

With all the monthly earthquake =__= and blood spilling happening, it hard not to think of what I will want to accomplished before I am 6 feet under.


Things I wish I have the time, the financial support T___T and courage to do.

Attend Full Moon Party – Koh Pangan
Have a luxurious weekend get away at HuaHin
Step on Coco Island – Maldives
Experience Amsterdam
Visit Disneyland!! Preferably Paris – Disneyland!!
Travel to Eastern Europe
Go travel somewhere alone
Go Bali
Backpack around Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam
Explore SouthAmerica
Have a house with gardens so that my white westie and cavalier spaniels can run freely.
Visit more wonders of the world.
Meet and greet Hugh Jackman ^__^
Published or just successfully log all my travel experiences.
Join Oktoberfest – in Germany.
Participate in Songkran IN Thailand – Can’t believe I have not done this. Such loser..

For now, this is the only that I can think off. Seems like most of it involve travelling and festivals -__- Although the list might look short but it will take years and for some, a lifetime, to complete.

Here’s to ticking some of it off …hopefully very soon Woohoo!

One of my best and memorable moments in life.. which i can revisit the feeling sometime in the future.

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4 Responses to Before Turning teeny too old

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    all that still can be done after u settle down.

  2. autumn says:

    hahahah..europe, amsterdam, maldivessssss…if i can i will surely join u..when i got $$$$ to spend


  3. ynnek says:

    What about going to the North and South Pole?

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