Being Zorro in SiemReap is Easy

*update:- MrSmallface say Zorro only fight for poor people, not distributed stuff. Okay, so i dont know my tale 🙁 I was just associating the horseriding part. Should probably use robin hood as the title instead 🙁 


Steps to feel like Zorro or 10% like him. You can choose to be Zorro or Robin Hood minus the robbery, only the giving part 🙂

1. Book a 2 hour trail ride with Happy Ranch. Recommend 2 hour otherwise, you wont get to experience much.

2. Prepare gift like below to be distribute to the maddox-es. 1 set of stationary just RM1. Need not rob.

3. state clearly the NAME to meet the free tuktuk ride. We were waiting at the main lobby while the guy was also waiting at the lobby. G booked it so the guy was asking the frontoffice for her name, but i booked the hotel. Just sitting at staring into space for a good 15-20min until one of us verified. What a waste of time.  As usual, the tour provider in SiemReap or in Bali are always paranoid bout missing the sunset so we went the wrong way of the traffic even!

4. Arrive at the ranch. Sign the declaration letter again. Remember not to bring alot of things, they will make you bring essentials and put it into a small waist pouch.

5. Pet the nice horsey

6. Learn how to handle your horsey like a pro. Swinging my way up, i accidently whack the handler shoulder. o_O dont repeat my mistake

Learn from Teong who always get the chick hheehehe

7.  Take obligatory group photo. MrSmallface, Me, Teong, G and WY

8.  Ride it #likeaboss

9. We have 2 guides on horses at front and at the back, plus a boy who walked with us all the way at the middle of the group. He’s amazing. He WALKED all the way and ran alongside the horses when we gallop, at the same pace!  He actually helped me alot during the entire trip. like holding the horse for me while i take photos. Or urge my horse to go faster. I have a weird horse, i tell you. The name is Ah Pek and true to its name, doesnt like to gallop or go any faster than usual. =.=  And I do believe it’s a she as it avoids swampy groups or muddy group… =.=

10. Along the trail, we will go through local villages, more paddy fields and eventually stopped for the sunset.

11. Take plenty of photos

12. One with Pit who helped me. He’s 18 this year. Looked so much younger and notice he’s bare foot..

13. The villages that we went through was really poor, and what we witnessed was real poverty. Really small huts for houses and cooking method are still backwoodsmen. This little kid took his chores seriously. He was suppose to look after the cows and did not budge when we beckon him so we can give him the stationary. Not even when another little kid went over and drag him for abit, he just sat there like a rock -__-

14. So as i said, along the way, we passed through alot of villages, and saw lots of super friendly strangers. The kids will wave enthusiastically at you and yell HELLOOO!! even from afar. Be prepared to wave you arms off and handle your horsey with another.  On the way back, when low in supplies, we saw small classroom conducting free english lesson and felt bad for not having enough stationary to give out to the kids 🙁

15. What can I say? One of the best trip and feeling ever. Mission accomplished in finding our maddoxes 😀

Next trip, i am definitely go horse riding again and bringing more stuff for the kids.


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