How appropriate to have BERSIH on my sister’s Birthday who loves cleaning. Also the birthday of Saddam Hussein. hmm.

Last year 709 i was in Taiwan dressed in yellow nevertheless. I attended 428 with a group of friends at the Penang Chapter. Vast different from the one with KL.

Traffic was expected to be heavy so we parked somewhere further and walk to our meeting point. The coffeeshop we went for lunch was packed with people in yellow. Friend overheard conversation:

Uncle: this 2 bowls are for the one in yellow
Auntie: which yellow??? Everyone’s wearing yellow!!!

By the time we reached Esplanade at 140pm, the field is already half full. I saw this tweet yesterday = When Malaysians are early, you know the shit just got real.

How true!

It was a truly peaceful rally. Few people taking on the hailer to speak their mind. I was surprised with the turnout, approximately about 10,000. If there’s no rain looming, I believe more would turn up. Anyway, it helped with the otherwise heat and sun.

We were chanting “Bersih! Bersih!” and “Hidup Rakyat! ” throughout on cue.

It’s exactly the reason why I attended the rally. What I want for the future of the country is to have independent citizens with who able to speak their mind, and an environment to foster and encourage that. The most basic human right. I want to be able to trust our election result, no doubts, playing an important role. For it to be more transparent for all.

I’m not a suave writer so I will refer you to my friend’s blog who wrote an excellent piece on the view.

I wish to see Malaysia to be like Penang someday, one day. Where people are able to gather peacefully without fear of getting arrested or beaten up. To improve.

Channel News Asia folks covering Penang. We tried but failed to be in the footage ahhaha.

For what happened in KL, it is absolutely unnecessary. But happened and the blame game had started again. Being the strong headed Malaysian that we are, I am sure less people would have attended the rally IF the Mayor would have just allowed it go on smoothly. Some people are looking for action, both side.

It’s a big crowd, there are surely some hot headed in there. This is an excellent clip that showed everything. Which makes me very sad…It was afterall a peaceful rally just like Penang before someone decided to be a smart ass. There’s plenty sources online (not MSM), so read and learn before making snap judgement of the event.

Thank you for everyone that had attended the rally from everywhere. Our voices are heard and will not go in vain.

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