Big Ben Breakfast, Piknik and Curry Puff

Just to share one of my fav place for breakfast/brunch in Penang. Favorite yes, but its a place which easily slips out of my mind hehee. Favorite because we get to enjoy nice old school breakfast ( kopitiam style) with fresh juices and in a nice nice area – Botanical Garden


If you do not fancy big breakfast with BACON, then they also have triple decker sandwiches and that sort of breakfast. AND if English style breakfast not your cupppa tea, then they have a fantastic chapati stall next to it. Simple and cheap. Yummeh so fluffy



MrSmallface favorite snack. Curry Puff along Pulau Tikus Market opposite the Moulmein carpark

IMG_3243 .

As for me, the #1 curry puff with loads of pickled red onion still is the one where they randomly go everywhere with a basket shouting “karipap papp”.



Piknik Cafe @ Nagore Road. They serve such comfort food but why open 3pm onwards! Had these after dinner with the girls . Yes, after dinner, this is our 2nd round.  Very yummy. Great place to hang out



Song River cafe along Gurney Drive – B.E.S.T chicken wings ever. Opens from dinner time till late. Usually we will go late but not past midnight for the grilled fish and lala (cockles )


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