Blackpool = Las Vegas in US, Macau in Hongkong, Genting in Malaysia.

7/7/07 – I was at UK very own Sin City!!

As i promised, i had edit this section. Loads of photos!!

Pleasure Beach theme park. With many Europe’s Only and Europe First rides. Here, the very scary looking 12 storey high roller coaster.

Mind you, the weather was effing cold that day and because i woke up late, i dressed WRONGLY for the day. I was practically freezing and shivering the whole day with the thin cardigan i had. The wind was like so strong and COLD! It was 13c that day with BRIGHT SUN.

The old school tram unlike those in Sheffield. There’s also alot of horses with carriage around. Consequently there’s alot of horse shit on the road too. And wait till when there’s a fresh dung and the wind blows your way.

Basically Blackpool is happening on 1 long promenade by the sea divided by North, South and Center Pier. It’s more than 30minute to walk from one end to another. As i say, it’s the Sin City, so we saw alot of casinos, lap dance club, strip club, normal clubs and pubs that operates 24/7. Hohoho.. Dead Serious.

And there’s many many party of people in packs on birthday tours, hen tour and bachelors night tour – all that i only read before in books and never witness before. Culture shock maybe i will say, because you can see guy dock in the Borat-Neon-Underwear walking around with his jocks, or the bride to be deck out in SM police lady costume with the full colony of girls behind, dress to kill.

Of course with such a wild crowd around, there’s some rather wild erm, equipment to spice up their life right? Fancy some hard dick that you can lick openly? hohoh

Cute ones.

Small ones

Cheap manhood for sale

They even sell alot of tits that you can wear or eat. But apart from naughty candy, toys and whips, they do have a famous local candy called Blackpool Rock. It’s basically the candy cane ornament for christmas tree. The below personalised one has names in the middle. Even naughty lines, like sexbomb and such.

Or football clubs name.

Moving on, we continue our journey towards the Blackpool Tower. Something that looks like Eiffel Tower. I had it under my finger 😛

We had the famous fish n chips of Blackpool. My advice, choose the shop with the most customer. Trust your instinct!! Take out is cheaper than eating in, so we ate our lunch on the centre pier behind a fun fair. OMG! you canot imagine how high up we were from the sea. SO SCARY OK! looking down and you see the HUGE HUGE waves beneath – high enough to do bungee jumping.

There, i met Benji that reminds me alot of Jaz! He’s so adorable ok! I miss Jaz T_____T

And a yorkshire terrier who like to lick lick lick 😀 😀

The purpose this photo is up, it to show you how cute Benji is with his little tongue out to kiss Alan.
Our lunch was so cold after like 5 minutes out of the oil because of the freaking wind. The packed rice that the boys brought along is so cold as if you just took it out from the FREEZER..0_o Anyway, after lunch, quick quick take many many photos. Johnson, every photo also fail -_________- go diet..hehe
To show you how far i walked. See the roller coaster? Far tiny..and the beach here are very very wide. Need to run before you can reach the sea. And the water is warm..hmmmm

The seaside. and the fat albatross which are aplenty here. Throw a stone, i bet you’ll hit one.

Henry, the albatross is so funny ok. He kept trying to fly against the wind, but its too strong so its seems like Henry is floating on the air. Up down, Up down he floats and looking at us, the strange human taking photos of him. Sometimes, Henry is so still on the air, as if posing for us 🙂

Another gorgeous dog, George the Retriever!!!! He has one of the most beautiful skull for a retriever i’ve seen. Apart from those show dogs. Btw, he’s a guide dog which makes him so much more loveable 🙂

WHY malaysia canot have such dogs and freedom!! So unfair 🙁 🙁 Imagine the life Jaz could have here. So damn different ok. George likes to lick lick too. He slurps across me as if i’m an ice cream =.=

Spot Superman.

The many many donkey-doo on the beach. Meet Magic and Harry. All dozing i think. But cute lor…
Ooo.. Finally reach Blackpool Tower. But need 13pd to take the lift up. What can you do theree?? Post a postcard there and the stamp will say “Posted from Blackpool Tower, the highest postbox” You think i will spend 13pd entrance fee and another RM3.50 just to do that?

Busking. This busker likes to scare the shit out of people. Even old people using walking sticks. To English people, he is entertainer/busker. To me, he is professional beggar.

I pity the ballon seller. The thing kept floating around him and tangle around him and hitting his head and face. Sad but funny scene. You can’t even see the poor fella from the photo.

The South Pier is heaven to dare devil. There, you’ll find Bungee Jumping, Sling Shots dan lain-lain suicide machines. I did not go in, because not enough time, money and life left to risk. But if you can see from the photo, you will know how crazy the games are. Bungee Jumping about 40pd ago. Paying that amount to try out the feeling of suicide. Best.

A kind of street deco you wont see in Malaysia.

My face with the famous ferris wheel on center pier.

My 2nd lunch. Hotdogs with chips that cost me 1.5pd which is cheap considering the prices around here.

This is the life.

That i want.


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3 Responses to Blackpool!

  1. Des says:

    wah.., wat a life…

    nampak best kat sana, hidup best, trvelling best…makan best..

    sikit pun tak macam study wan


    the hotdog looks so sedap…macam 1901 mia… plus chips..

  2. Benjamin says:

    the entire city screams sex.

    why do they have millions of penis figurines but no vaginas?

  3. mrbherng says:

    They didn’t get the (now cancelled) Megacasino project or else Blackpool will really be the sin city. Anyway, if you like Blakcpool alot you will love Scarborough too.. go on a sunny day though.

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