Blast into the past

Last year, I was complaining bout my new room in Charlotte court because it’s on the 4th floor. Yet, i’m showing off the view of my window, decorated with caramel color sky and rainbows.

Also, once, my cooking skill was at its best. Note i typed was 🙁

Summer beach party! Probably one of the best night I had with the Tarcians. All Thanks to Seow Yee for introducing us to her primary school friends subsequently the whole group of Malaysian students in Sheffield 😀 😀 Those who were there during last summer, would probably agree with me. Or at least, those close to me then.

So where am I now? Haven’t been cooking since i’m home(Malaysia), I’m working like properly now in an office with a phone and computer (duh!!), in a line that I swored never to work in, dabbled in auditing for abit(i’m surprised there myself too) and owned a car. Oh, i forgot, the most important bit in this phase of my life.

Paying loans and bills.

Woowee~ How exciting! Oraits, kids, rushing off to Qb now as another fella factory worker is waiting at the guard hse for me now. We’re watching HELLBOY tonite:p


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4 Responses to Blast into the past

  1. d e s says:

    Wow…congrats with your new dot com… hehe mine is coming up pretty soon as well…

    Let me learn bits by bits first…

  2. jen says:

    welcome to wordpress~~ 🙂

  3. mr huhu says:

    wah.. got proper work now, so can afford own .com

    gud on ya!

  4. aL says:

    holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz! 🙂

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