Blink, if you can

because i can’t. wtf…

The random-ness, most unlucky thing can just happen to me.

Yesterday after gym, me and MrSmallFace took the bike out for a quick dinner. On the way back, he’s like “Hey, look at this!!”

I suddenly felt a sting in my left eye and I think something flew into my eye. I’m wearing a helmet and had the visor down as well…How can that happen?!

I had the visor covering my face!! FTS!

So we stopped at the nearest lamp post and I had tears welling uncontrollably down my cheeks trying to get the sand out of my eye. Onlookers sure was thinking we had an arguement and i’m being the girlfriend from hell..=.=

Anyway, he got me to the clinic and i had to wait for 9 people before I get to see the doctor. NINE!  and I was kept waiting looking like this >> o_o When it’s my turn, my eye already red and swollen from the tears. The doctor had to “wash” my eye for me with 1 nurse holding me down and another watching. o_o

The trouble is, i’m kinda phoabic towards things being pour/poke into my eye and my reflects keeps having my eyelid shut tight.

I was send home with some eyedrops… :”(  My eye still hurts whenever I blink or roll around my eyeball.

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  1. helen says:

    that happened to me b4 but coz i was rubbing it so much it swell so huge and i rushed to the clinic on a sat lunch time! panik kua suddenly u dunno wad happen to ur eye!

    Eve: Yea, it eventually gets better although i had red eyes for like a day =.=

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