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After much delay, I finally made a trip to Casa Permai which is the new housing area near TAR college in Penang to try out Christopher new fish & chip shop. Although we know the owner, the review will not be bias and we paid for the food as well..erhmm.. 😀

The deco is simple and can fits quite a handful of people. Since we have like 3 people only, we tried different stuff on the menu. They currently have a small range since they just started and i believe they want to focus on what they do best and deliver quality instead of quantity menu to us.

They don’t batch fry their food so please be patient and enjoy a chat with your fellow diners. In my case, DivaLisa prefers to reply her emails =.=

This is my order for the night, the signature Fish & Chips. I think I am allowed to make comment here as I tried the said #2 fish & chips from UK right?

You can either have it battered or crumbed. Mine is crumbed and it’s delicious. It’s definitely not like those paperthin fish and chip that you usually find in Malaysia. You can actually SEE pieces of fish beneath the crumbs and the portion is reasonable for the price you pay. Hmmm, and the things that reminds me of UK chips are the vinegar! How can you walk into any F & C shops in UK and not find a bottle of vinegar sitting on the counter top? Of course, I had my fries with plenty of salt and vinegar like i used too. Fuck the fats. For a long time, I really enjoy my fish & chips.. 😀 Yummy

DivaLisa chicken cordon bleu with cheese flowing out once she sliced it up. I didn’t try any of it as I’m too indulged in my own food. HA! But according to her, it’s good. You gotta believe her cos she’s a Diva in everything. If it’s good enough for her, it definitely would be for you.

MrSmallFace Blue Reef Fish Burger. Where can you find fish burger apart from McD? I took a bite and aih, it’s good too. The burger patties are thick like those you find in American chain restaurant. Even MrSmallFace can’t finish it. Imagine the portion.

Between us, we shared the soup of the day. Carrot and Ginger. Hahah. This is on the house as none of us actually like carrot nor ginger but Christopher made us tried it! It’s was creamy and doesn’t really taste of stupid carrots. It has a hint of spicy taste due to the ginger.

The soup is made fresh daily so remember to ask for the soup of the day when you there. Apart from the usual burger and fish, it also serves Pasta and Salads.

By the way, they have a lovely park just right in front and the Blue Reef is furkids friendly. You can bring your doggies out with you to this place, like finally in Penang yes???

Blue Reef is open from Tuesday – Sunday, 11AM-230PM and i think 6pm – 1030pm. Another special thingie bout this place is you are allowed to BYO wine :p


I will recommend this place to the people who really miss REAL fish and chips and people who wants to try the REAL fish and chips. Like how it’s serve in UK, the place it origins.

PS: You can check out CK LAM review on this place too. She had a much detailed one than mine :shy:

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3 Responses to Blue Reef – Casa Permai

  1. desmond-t says:

    Hahaha… CK Lam again ahead of you in finding out new place LOL…

    Bring me there when I’m back in Penang k? Mr Smallface oledi promote this place kao kao adee hehehe

    Eve: I’m lazy to blog ma. So what to do? Smallface got promote the place 99 meh? When u r in Penang, u r busy most of the time wan la

  2. i wanna go whitby lo..u say till so nice

    Eve: Nothing there wan..compared to your europe adventure..except fish and chips and dracula

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