Boring life = no blog

I really don’t know what to blog about…which means my life is kinda boring recently. Nothing much except for the occasional movie treat for me. Urgh…i even tried going shopping yesterday with couz and bought nothing. Really nothing for me to buy, so i spend money on alcohol instead -__-” Not really spend lar, since i get a free bottle of heineken from sega last night…hohohoh…

Maybe i can tell you again how streamyx service sux but i blog bout it so many times that i sendiri also abit meluat already. I think i sure under the blackblacklisted list lor, since i called them on a weekly basis now. What to do, their service sux! I often suffer from disconnection because of their faulty port so i had to call them up to restart a new session for me.

So this is a snippet of the conversation i had with the technical support people.

TM: So i will restart the session for you now miss.

Me: What if i disconnect again today? Can you please escalate this problem so that i don’t have to call this number so often?

TM: If it happens again within today, please call this number and i’ll escalate the problem.

Me: What if it happens tomorrow?

TM: If it happens again within today, please call this number and i’ll escalate the problem.

Me: Does that mean if it happens tomorrow, you wont escalate the problem??

TM: If it happens again within today, please call this number and i’ll escalate the problem.


Basically, thats how kayu the staff are, reading from scripts, like wtf, just put a recording message there easier la!! I can vomit blood ok??!! Somemore i kena the disconnection like average 3-4 times per week… They canot do anything bout it if i did not suffer from it twice a day. wtf..

Btw, Shooter is such a nice movie! Damn yeng and that memphis guy is so funny as well. I thought he damn tak guna at first, but at the end turns out he’s quite useful..hehe

Anyone think this mark wahlberg looks abit like James Denton aka Plumber in Desperate Housewives??? I think he somewhat looks quite the same especially the eyebrow part. Hmmm…

That’s all from me. Gonna be a crazy week at work..

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4 Responses to Boring life = no blog

  1. Josette says:

    There’s a resemblance between Mark Wahlberg and James Denton? To me, Denton always looks blur but maybe because he’s character required him to look like it.

    Who said you had nothing to blog? There’s always something to blog about. Try to make the most boring incidents into some international crisis and voila, a blog post is born!

    That’s just my theory. =)

  2. zebby says:

    Why escalate (increase) the problem? Shouldn’t they be solving the problem instead?


  3. Eve says:

    Josette: James always look blur? but he always have this arched eyebrow just like Mark in Shooter. hmm…

    zebby: Because the staff at the call center can’t solve it, so they have to escalate to their superior to get it done 🙂

  4. Kenny Ng says:

    At least streamyx got someone to answer your call, my stupid eB no body answer my call at all!

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