Bulan oh Bulan…

Today i feel im going to suffocate to death, literally! I mean with all the haze and stress and god knows what else shitty stuff is there to bother my already shrinkin brain. BaH!!!!

While wasting time reading magazine on my bed, suddenly i had this urge to lift the curtains. I usually had them down as im such a vampire. The sky is clear from the haze. I can clearly see the beautiful horizon with a full moon up. The moon is so bright i think i’m turning into a werewolf soon. If i go turn into a werewolf, i hope i meet Wolverine!! hehe Remember my obsession over him?

Looking at the beautiful moon, i suddenly feel emo again. DAmn!! such a beautiful moment should be view together with someone special. Nvm, i took a photo so that i can share with YOU!
Now now…remember not to point at the moon ya! My mommy say your ear will fall off if you do. hahaah

*From here onwards, those below 18 please direct your cursor over to the top right hand side of your monitor and click click*

I suddenly turn over to my left and saw this….JENG JENG JENG!!! Waahhaha…It’s the item that i barter traded with my housemate for burning my pot. Finally it came to good use tonite..

Since me and roomie has been craving for alcho, tonight we shall have a toast to those single and lonely people and attached but in long distance relationship ppl!!!!! My virgin bottle at KL house. nyek nyek.
So tonite, i will teach you people how to drown your sorrow with a little bit of bitter and sweet alco. All you need is plain water or a mixer to reduce the bitterness eg: coke, ribena, green tea. Tonite i choosed orange juice cos it’s that’s the only thing in my fridge now, the whisky and cups.
Next step is pretty easy. Pour the whisky as much as you like or as much as you can take.

Next add in adequate amount of mixer

And VOILA!! You get yourself a heavenly concoction!!


Ps: while bloggin, suddenly there’s fireworks outside, so i took a video of it…even though we canot see shit of it, presumely the students that stays at my place go berserk by it 0_O I guess i’m not the only one bored to death today. kekekek

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5 Responses to Bulan oh Bulan…

  1. aL says:

    my preferences…

    the best concoctions – with coke n orange juice

    the worst concoction – with soda water

    cheers to chivas! come come..bring back belanja me. me poor. kenot afford to buy. pretty please?

  2. Eve says:

    YA! i like it with coke too but drink too much it’s not good. Too sweet. You working ady, must belanja me instead

  3. Wan Yean says:

    eh. i thought chivas should be poured on girls with white tees? *shrugs* learned that from glo 😀

  4. aL says:

    eve: ish! i ask u to treat me, u ask me back pulak =.=’

    wanyean: yerrr. spoil my appetite for chivas nia. lol. damn.

  5. Eve says:

    wanyean: itu ajaran sesat.

    al: cos me student. Student “big all” 🙂

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