Butterfly FLY! Frisbee FLY!

*Updated below.

I had a very long weekend last week. and i wanted to blog about it.

with alot alot of photos

But for the past 30minutes, i can’t seem to upload any at all.

Blogger are being a bitch to me tonite.

Oh, suddenly can ady..hahaa… and suddenly canot again!

Tomorrow i’m doing some freelance usherette job from 7-5pm. So need to sleep already. Since it’s 1130pm now. Audrey and Jimmy should be on the way out for a drink and here i am typing away on my lappie and listening to Spice Girls on winamp.

I’m becoming such an auntie.

Saturday morning! Woke up at 8am. read 8AM! for breakfast with friends that i met from UK. Some came up from KL so must go meet them. Since last year august, i last saw some of them. Miss the adventurous time I had back then.

2 more months to go and it would have been a year since I’m there. TIME effin flies. T__T

Assorted dimsums. The kind of dimsum breakfast you can enjoy if you have alot of people at the table. Unfortunately for me, most of my friends are nocturnal homosapiens. So i am really delighted that day 🙂

Then we proceed to Butterfly farm. Convoy like tat…3 cars trailing each other. I actually hate butterfly. Too much of it flying around me cause goosebumps. And when I was little, my mom told me that the powder on the wings can make me blind. Planting phobias in me when im little already. =___=

Ik Bing and his butterflyy~~~

Super tiny pineapple baby.

It was so hot and humid at the butterfly place and i couldn’t wait to get into the aircon section. God blessing to human. Creation of air conditions!! Damn weird bug. MAN FACE BUG.

Poor Ah Liang!

Penang road cendol. Actually i dont like cendol at all. Greenish thing is very geli and it’s too sweet for my liking. I dont really like ice kacang too. Too many kidney beans. HAHAHA I know, its like ordering Soya bean don wan soya right???

The floating mosque. Weather so hot ahhhh

Then we went to some chinese/siam temple. And proceed to makan again! hahahahha This time padang lok lok…

Worth more than RM70 of lok lok sticks.

I shall continue this post tomoro…….really beh tahan with blogger today!! Arghhh!!

*** Continued~~

After lok lok, went mahjong and ARGHH!! my cards all so nice but canot “kau” Bad Luck Bad Luck. Mr.butt won our money once again T___T

Here’s us with Audrey for a round of foosball

Since he won our money, he need to treat us balik haha. Tak win full, he rather don wan to win wan..taktik keji….Boss!!

me and another victim T__T

The next day, me, Ting and aud woke up at 7am to finally fulfilled our long awaited date.


Wah.. u see both of them, the look of successful frisbee-ler. Wear so athletic, look so athletic….Catching it with no problem at all….

Audrey frequently caught it with just 1 hand! Phwwwweet~

So what about me??
SAT PAI ARRRRRRRRRR(FAIL)~~~ Chasing after rolling Frisbee only T____T

But not really, u see Ting, took a very nice photo of me…HAHA… not that useless after all 🙂 🙂 hmmphhh 🙂 🙂

After playing for awhile…hehehe

we decided to go for breakfast….bak kut teh…and then after 1 hour, we went for lunch!

HHAHAHAHA… exercise 10days also canot burn the fats we build in 3 hours.!! damn kantoi

Happy Lunching/breakfast/Dinner!!

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