Café Wayan @ Monkey Forest

We had our first very late lunch here. Recommend by my colleague as one of the best local place to try local food in a very nice settings. We were super impressed and took photo like jakuns. hoho!

To get around town, we rented bikes instead of walking around. I love to ride bikes around during holiday. I find it the most economical and easiest way to see things and get around. Our bikes are less than RM10 each from 3pm to 11pm ( more than half day)

Tips: Negotiate to death for everything!!!

Inside of the place. Impressive or not ~~

Most of the tables are place far from each other. Plenty of space and privacy.

Surrounded by greeneries, it’s no surprise that it’s very relaxing and GREEN while waiting for our food. How often are we surrounded by GREEN during our meals in cities!

Four Season Pizza – IDR 66K /RM23. So So but generous toppings.

Nasi Campur = IDR 94K/RM32 Quite pricey for a fried rice and I think most of us are not used to eating empek empek.

Nasi Mixed Satay = IDR 67K/RM23. This is the best satay ever. It is so tasty and meaty. Must try!!

Waiting for desserts

We read that the Black Rice Pudding (IDR 21K/RM7 ) is yummy but turns out it is just like our “Bee Kor Moi” -_- and ours are way better. But the chocolate cake may look normal. It is anything but normal because it is THE Death By Chocolate cake IDR 32K/RM11)

The cake is just pure evil !!! Ridiculously rich can die. Yummy….!!

After the meal, we zoom around the area before heading back to hotel to wait for our pick up for our heavenly Spa session 🙂

Grand Total for the meal: IDR 537K /RM184

Café Wayan
Monkey Forest Road
Phone: 0361 975447

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