Cameron Highland

My christmas escape was to KL just for 1 wimpy day that was spend mostly stuck in the Jam due to super holiday. Hello, i went on 26th Dec, hence the jam. We wanted to go Pavillion because i want to gila-shoe shop at Charles & Keith but was stuck for about an hour at the stretch of Pudu.. Wtf…1 hour..then we went to Midvalley instead.

I miss Midvalley T__T I can’t believe i just said that. I miss the christmas decoration arghh..I remember once i went there 6 days in a week to take so much photos. This year was so-so, but the important part was i WAS there! *beams*

Mr.628(remember him?!) met me. I miss this fella although sometimes i just hate him! It feels like yesterday when he keep waking me up during my naps cos he wants to sleep on my bed instead :S and forcing me to mamak..all the time Hhahaa..

Brussel Pub, I love you. You serve the most amazing beers, Stella and Hoegaarden DRAUGHT! I love you!! I haven’t had a stella for almost a year and you cannot imagine how much i yearn for it…!

That ends our KL trip and begins the nightmare to Cameron Highlands (CH). It was a long winding way up with orang asli selling tongkat ali at the roadside. They were really happy and contented with what they have huh…

Boh Tea Garden, not the Kea Farm one..rather a new and nicer one 🙂 We find that the people are much friendlier and tolerant here. Maybe it’s due to the cool air and holiday mood, who knows. Start taking obligatory group photos…

Then Silly photos..

Then things got out of hands when I started to jump around..

We spotted a bench on the side and …the rest is will go down as one of the best collection jumping boys photos up on a tea plantation =__=

The sound of music (Remake under a super low and tight budget) 0__o

Teongli and Eve visiting Weipeng in New Zealand..

In remembrance of the super-duper jam that we had to endured throughout the whole of our 2 days there.

It was so bad we abandon our car and walk all the way up from somewhere after Strawberry Park to Kea Farm!! Do you know how far is that? I don’t….but it’s hell faster than sitting in the car increasing our carbon prints! the 6 of us, walking by the roadsides under the drizzle with cold wind blowing non-stop.

It wasn’t that cold to be honest. But i saw people wearing beanies, gloves, jackets and scarfs as if they are enduring winter whilst I’m dressed like this!

How can we miss out the tradition of CH –> Steamboat!

Flower & Cactus Plant visiting..*Yawnyawn*

Taking gay photos of your straight male friends who happen to color coordinated.. *chuckles*


#1. MrSmallFace, Me and Teong

#2. Me, Strawbella, PomChak Sheng and Wpeng.

#3. Pomchak being pricked by a rose thorn! hahaha priceless photo

#4. Searching for weirdly obscenely horny looking cactus

Have a Happy Chinese New Year !!

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  1. desmond-t says:

    wastafa! Stella 1 pint! Hoegaarden 1 pint! Leffe Brune 1 pint!

    Eve: you know i love my drink :p

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