Car Boot Sales and around Sheffield

Since me is free and bored now, i shallll upload some photos i took at the Carboot Sale that i went to on the First Sunday i was here and some random photos around town.

So after walking for more than 6 hours, we got home past 12am and the next day we need to gather at 7am for the Car Boot Sale. All gather gather and walk together like penguins in the very cold morning to the sunday market.

REACH!! Here, the river is everywhere.. i think to the local they called it huge drain. Hahaha like the one near Midvalley.

Many many cheap stuff here. Most is 2nd hand but if you look hard enough, you will find a gem among the stones.

The huge burgers that they sell there. It’s the only food stall there so it has a bee line to it. However, i still prefer Ramly burger anytime cos the burger is huge and quite empty inside except a slab of meat 0_- Somemore 1.5pd but i’m not hungry till dinner time after eating it. So it’s quite worth it.

On the way back home from the market, sit and chat between the train station and university. Enjoying the morning sun. Really appreciate sun!! I now understand why the ang moh go crazy when they see sun shine. Most of the time, we’ll be wrapped from top to toe because it’s too cold and drizzling. Umbrellas and coat everywhere we bring with us. So at the chance of seeing some sun and it’s a PLUS if it’s dry, you’ll see people swamping the gardens and just out and be happy in the sun.

Sheffield United stadium which is less than 5 minute walks from my place. Too bad it got kick out from the big boys game or else i might have a chance to see it play against Liverpool or ManUtd ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh ya, i bought the long coat for only 1pd. Damn cheap right?! Luckily i did not buy anything from WinterTime back in Malaysia. hahaha

Peace Garden at night. People like to run through the fountain. But not like those dumb people in the photos la. We wait till the fountain is ankle high only run through risking it shooting waters up suddenly. It’s all about timing people..emhmmm…

Infront of the Winter Garden, next to Peace Garden. Sheffields’ got alot of balls as decorative stuff around town. The huge steel balls has water flowing down at all time. very pretty sights, the disco light thingie are.

Not the Quicksilver we all know of. It’s an amusement center*cough*casino*cough*. Btw, i haven’t spot shops like MNG, Roxy and Quicksilver here at all. weird huh…

Netto!!! Your friendly, neighbourhood supermarket. This is where i did most of my grocerries shopping apart from Castle Market, 99p, and poundland. Must bring your own carrier bag because they don’t give you plastic bags, they sell you for 3p each! Appreciate the bags that jusco or tesco gives out in Malaysia people >_>

Lastly, one of the punnet of strawberries i bought from Castle Market overlooking my room window. 2 punnet @ 1 pound. All the strawberries are besar besar belaka and some it’s overgrown and erm, looks like got cancer already. hahaha..Don’t dare to eat also.

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6 Responses to Car Boot Sales and around Sheffield

  1. Des says:

    lucky u din see MNG or Roxy… or else u’re gonna turn into shopaholic mode!!! hahaha

    it’s time to revert to the British culture of living…

    pagi pagi minum susu dan makan strawberi life…

    over here, we still nasi kandar for break fast!


  2. Eve says:

    i crave for weld quay nasi lemak wei!!

  3. Wan Yean says:

    did you say *munch* weld quay nasi *munch* lemak? having it right now. *munch* mmmph sedapnya

  4. mrbherng says:

    It was a year since I visited sheffield. Like the winter garden.

    Anyway, I am not too sure about Roxy, but there’s MNG(in London at least) and Quicksilver in most city(including here in little Cardiff)

  5. Eve says:

    wy: be a dear and mail it to me ๐Ÿ™

    mrbherng: Maybe there is, i haven’t been to the shopping mall yet.

  6. Puiyee says:

    Heya! I was googling Sheffield and catboot sale, and your blog popped up…and I had a read! I realise it’s been awhile, but Sheffield hasn’t changed much in some respects, and loads in others. The Moor looked a lot more inviting, colourful, open and safe now.

    I can’t identify the view from your window, although you said it’s about 5 minutes off Bramall Lane, it’s not The Cube is it?…I live nearby the stadium myself, which propelled me to write to you, actually.

    Hope all’s okay with you ๐Ÿ™‚

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