Cast a spell and bring me away!

Okay, no wizard involve here. Just a car 😛

I just had a FULL-FILLING weekend away in KL, meeting up with DivaLisa, TeongLi and dearie LadyCowmoomoo~!This is after all, a foodie blog. ;P

We “rise and shine” fairly early on Friday morning to play mahjong with LadyCow and eat KFC =.= that’s like 830AM..

Actually the real purpose to raid the Zara Warehouse sale!! But mission aborted when we saw the madness there. Damn, defeated even waking up so early. So we went around window shopping while the boy kept asking “when can we go ikea? “”when can we go ikea? “”when can we go ikea? “”when can we go ikea? ”

Girls: Oh, didn’t you know today is our day?
Poor boy: Then what about tomorrow?? when can we go ikea?
Girls: Tomorrow is bangsar boutique raid day!! None of the time is slotted for you *giggles*
Poor boy: FUCK THIS SHIT!!

Hahahah..anyway, after poor boy mops around for a bit, we being the ever nice girls, let him to ikea just for a bit while we find chances to take potential future house decor pichas 🙂

Then it’s chow time!! We tried pasta zanmai for the first, not for LadyCow of course.I’ll say its worth the price and a nice fusion too…hmm.. We had the set menu which has 2 dishes per set. We almost couldn’t finish all even those sharing among 3 of us. The whitish thingie is called Spring Egg which i notice was added into most dishes. The one in the bowl taste sweet and salty and it’s cold but it’s delicious if you are able to take half-boiled egg.

The incredible hulk girls. You don’t like us when we are angry..Grrr…wtf

Dinner at Williams @ Taman Mayang. I know how many people will scrunch their nose when I mentioned this place due to their infamous hygiene level, but hey, what you don’t know won’t hurt. And, tell me which mamak doesn’t have rats running around?

I still love their food. They really do have everything and the portion is gigantic!!

The next day was MrSmallFace nightmare day!!! Because he had to follow us explore the many boutiques in Bangsar hahahaha Before that, I had lunch with DivaLisa at somewhere near Sunway Damansara. I shall call the char siew place as M&M because it melts in your mouth. YUMMEH! but i did not take any photo*bad blogger*

We also stumble into Wondermilk! And i almost bought a lomo but it’s out. How can?!?!

Desserts for the day..

Must have! Tiramisu from Alexis(bangsar)! Must have!!, Wondermilk pretty cupcakes, Brussels(JayaOne) Chocolate brownie.

At Alexis(again!) in the same day but this time at Ampang to meet up with Pomchak and several friends. It was my first time attending their jazz set and it’s great! We wanted to order the tiramisu again, but it’s out! How come the things i want is out again!!!

Hidup Mati orang frees school.

Before going home to DAP Island, DivaLisa, Raymond, MrSmallFace and me went for some pan mee…KIN KIN CHILLI PAN MEE!!!

In my first post on the pan mee, i mentioned that they served up damn fast. However, seems like the news had spread far and wide on this hidden gem. We had to wait over 45mins for our mee 🙁 7 bowls for 4 people. hahahaha


Instax taken on the trip.

Since I’ve found some film seller in Penang, I’ve decided not to be too stingy with it. That’s what the camera is for.. Me and BFF, Me and MrSmallFace, lastly, MasterLong with our annual meetup 😀

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  1. Simon Seow says:

    Ah, Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee, it’s been months I didn’t go and eat already.

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