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Phones and Metro in Tokyo

Prior to my Japan trip, one of the main difficulty that I faced in my preparation ( I prepare alot for all my trips, personal or work) was to get information of mobile phones and internet in Japan. So I … Continue reading

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Wild Boar Curry Mee @ Kuantan

Before I go into the above topic, let me get something off my chest first. Inception was ingenious!! I won’t mind watching and rewatching it again as it’s seriously pure mind fuck! If you love watching movie, GO WATCH IT! … Continue reading

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Daily War Paint

I always think myself as a scrounge in spending. Except for the occasional big items such as camera, another camera and urm…maybe another camera -___- Not until today at work, a colleague asked me to AX to shop and I … Continue reading

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Holga Micro-110

Many thanks to Christal for giving me this cute souvenirs from Tvb Island! I only say I will not get any new cameras for the next 3 years, but did not say will not accept any as gifts :p To emphasis the petiteness of this camera, … Continue reading

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Fresh BB convert

Everyday I see 2 crackberries at home. Everday I work closely with 2 BB user at the office. Ever since my friend, Buaya got his bb, he start raving about it non-stop to me. Then I start to feel I’m … Continue reading

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