China Earthquake

This is one of the many mysterious things people with too much time on their hand found out.

A part of a poem from Li Bai, chinese poet that died long long long time ago


leftest row downward, then rightest row downward.

Translate: Beijing olympic, Szechuan earthquake. From the day of the earthquake to olympics, its 88days in total. Beijing olympic starts 08/08/08


winter disaster? remember the blizzard


tibetien depending for independences, “ren chai”


Lastly, earthquake

1 2 5=08

3 1 4=08

5 1 2=08

Spooky or not?

Apart from that, it’s one of the saddest disaster that is happening in our time, both at the same time (Myanmar). This is the time where we can see all the humanity that we thought we had lost to materialistic needs.

Reading those emails i got, its just so sad~ The baby kept alive by the dead mom. School teacher died. Parents died…and the list go on and on and on..

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3 Responses to China Earthquake

  1. pp says:

    spooky ooo…so ngam 1… hen the next thing eud be 710 or 701 li..july..hehe…

  2. angchoonseong says:

    eei…its a fake poem, sudah tukar wan. To cheat bananas like u.

  3. Wanster says:

    bun tai u also banana lah

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