Chinese New Year holiday all packed into 1

Hmm.. Short one on chinese new year 2010 although its already mid march now -__________-

I was very sick on the first day of CNY. I think my body engine overheat due to the mad weather. Worse part of the whole ordeal is i had to miss the morning session of meeting the family and driving around Penang looking for clinic…!!

I still manage to get abit of extra income although I’m sick. Prettiest ang pow packet I’ve seen/received so far in my life. From DivaLisa.

Meeting up friends from high school has been a tradition for me and my group of friends since 2001 ? My goodness, it has been nearly 10 years i’m around these bunch of brats 0__0

Without needing to really inviting or arranging, people will just turn up at the fixed venue yearly.. And since its an all day event, people come and go…and come back again for more if they are in a winning streak :p

This year was especially fun as everyone was anticipating the first married friend to come over! hahaha.. Can’t wait to get our hands on the ang pow!

and this year was full of surprises as well. ALOT of long lost friends suddenly just turn up and had a really long, good and hearty conversation all night long. It is very rare to have such huge group of people who still comes together once a year without fail.

Although we are all approaching mid twenties, seems like we have not lost our youthfulness at all :p

I love chinese new year as its time where everyone will be back in Penang and making catching up on the year that past so much easier…

Fore seeing next year would be an even rowdier one as more friends will be back/graduating from oversea…

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  1. Mr Huhu says:

    balik kampung time… oh maybe later

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