Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Technically there’s 12 days of Christmas so I’m still not too late in sending out my wishes to you! 🙂

This must be one of the most updated post I’ve done ( recorded time)  for any happening this year. Something to improve on in the upcoming 2014, I suppose *shifty eyes*

So a few days before Christmas Eve Day, we were discussing on what to do/any plans?? on our chatroom. We figured out eventually that we will have a small gathering instead of partying outside. Honestly, I really always prefer to have house parties rather than going out and spending big bucks on “special festive meals” .  Plus, house parties are always more comfortable and cozy compared to being stuck in smoky rooms and in heels the entire night ! No?? Isn’t Christmas all about being cozy and comfy with your friends and family or am I just really getting too old for all those shit?

Quickly the food list for the night was sorted out. Headcount kinda confirm but increasing 🙂  Then off to the market I go. Nowadays I have upgraded myself to shop at wet market instead of cold storage all the time *gasp*  That’s quite a disbelief even for myself.

20131225-093215 pm.jpg

Decided to do some last minute decorative since my house lack of anything Christmassy  at all -__-“”  Thank god for pinterest. Printed it out at almost 1AM on 24/12, cut it up and tape them onto some raffia strings. Easy peasy ! love this [craft for lazy dummies] stuff you can get off the wonderful world of internet!!

20131225-093232 pm.jpg

Ta-da!! I super love it!
It look so nice against my grey wall which later act as the backdrops for photo sess !

20131225-093202 pm.jpg

Woke up early to clean the house and then off the market again for an important task. To buy the legendary roasted pork belly (Sio Bak) from Cecil Street Market. It’s forever the best ! ! ! I do not know my way around the market, but I sure know how to navigate towards this very stall because it’s my late grandad absolute favourite !

20131225-093246 pm.jpg

I made this simple dish of Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and it was a hit ! I was so surprised that they actually love this and seems like none but one of them had even tried this “mini cabbage” as they called it. Glad i spread the love of Brussels sprouts to others!  (•̀ᴗ•́)و

20131225-093301 pm.jpg

I also made Potato, Egg and Bacon salad. I got the recipe from this blog here plus minus some of the ingredients on the list.

20131225-093321 pm.jpg

As you can see, it’s a porky/meaty feast!! We also had 2 Ayamas roasted chicken, a a large pizza and some wines to go with all that. In the end, we were all stuffed ! Ending the casual night with snacks and ice creams! 

20131225-093533 pm.jpg

It was a really different kind of Christmas Eve compared to last year when I was in Bangkok but it was lovely spending time with you people and talking about weird people in the world ! Thank you for coming and I hope you guys had fun too.

20131226-013934 am.jpg
20131226-013943 am.jpg

Looking forward to next week New Year’s Eve now~~ 🙂

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